Kate Alexa Tour Diary


Performing with Cyndi...


So I am at the end of my flu - yay! I was back stage at my Brisbane show and the lovely Cyndi Lauper came into our dressing room. She heard it was my birthday and wanted to wish me a happy birthday. She also heard I had the flu and wanted to give me some of her tea that is apparently good for your throat (I think it might have worked!). We were doing the girly thing and chatting and she asked if I would like to join her on stage for the classic (and might I just add my favorite!) Cyndi song, 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'. Cyndi didn't need to ask twice, of course I said yes! It was a little bit distracting, all through my performance on stage I kept thinking "Do I know the lyrics to 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' lyrics?" I mean, I know them to sing on the DANCEFLOOR or when I'm with my friends, but what about when I'm on stage with Miss CYNDI LAUPER?? I finished my set and then nervously waited backstage for my call. Cyndi was so kind. She told the audience that as part of her Australian rider she only has "Kate's" on stage with her as a special request. Then I got on stage and we belted out the song. I felt so lucky to be given this opportunity. The bad news is my camera died so I can't send any pics, but Cyndi's tour manager took some photos, so I am hoping to get them from him. Then I can post them for you at a later date! Tonight is the last show of the tour. I'm very sad. I'll let you know what happens! Love Kate

Day Eight - A Day Off!


Today is my first day off in... I can't even remember! Unfortunately for me, it looks like I'm going to be sleeping all day. I've slowly been getting sick on this tour and I started losing my voice and it's still not back! The one thing I have to do later today is sneak in a rehearsal for the Good Friday appeal. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a fund raising charity TV show in Melbourne. They raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital every year. They do a concert in the evening and it's amazing to be asked to be a part of such a wonderful event. I am not sure which artists are performing but I know Marcia Hines is. With just a few shows left on my tour it's going to be sad to end this run. Being on the road is some of the most fun i've ever had! Though i'll be sad, I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again!

My Birthday


It was my 20th birthday on March 2 but unfortunately I couldn't really celebrate as I'm on tour!! I was on the road with Cyndi Lauper and also had a Sunrise performance this morning. I love playing on Sunrise but I'm not too keen on the 6am starts! I was dreaming of cupcakes and apple martinis for my birthday but they will have to wait until the tour concludes - just a few shows to go. Do you think it's possible to make up for lost birthday time by celebrating for the entire month of March? I think that could be the best plan! The shows so far have been great. I love being on stage, it's the best feeling in the world. I think I am getting the flu but don't tell anyone, I think I can hold out for the last few shows. I am still in Sydney doing promo for my new single, Teardrops. The single was released on Saturday and I'm really excited. I head off to Brisbane on Wednesday which means more planes, trains and automobiles. I hear it's raining in QLD. Maybe I can bring some of the Sydney sunshine with me? Love Kate

Day One - First night jitters


I have played at the Palais Theatre before with Jesse McCartney. So the corridors and stage are kind of familiar to me, but I cant stop the butterflies in my stomach here is how the butterflies appeared. Soundcheck was at approx 5:30pm. We met Cyndi and some of her band at the venue. They all seem really nice and happy to be in Australia. We walked out on stage, the guys checked their instruments and we all checked our mics were working. As I started singing I realized that in a couple of hours the empty theatre would be full....GASP!!!!!!!!! What to wear was the next issue? Peter Morrissey kindly gave me a few fabulous dresses all little black numbers, which are a girls never fail, but these little black dresses were a bit different and certainly not for everyday out in the street. They are strictly for parties or when you are about to sing in front of a few thousand people. One choice was black sequined short, sexy and sparkly! The other was also short, shiny material that shimmered under the light with a cross back it was a bubble dress (only way I can describe it) which I hear were very fashionable in the 80s. So I ended up choosing the bubble dress simply because thats what spoke to me the loudest. I also wore a brand new pair of very very high heels, and I was nervous I would take a tumble on stage! My first song was Somebody Out There which features on my debut album Broken & Beautiful. Once that was over I felt ok. The audience was really responsive, especially for two of the new tracks I have decided to test out; Nothing Compares and Cherry Pop. I have to say, my favorite song performance wise last night was Teardrops and by the time I was singing the last song of the set All I Hear my butterflies had completely disappeared and I just wanted to get back out there and do it again.... And great news, the heels were kind to me.. and I didnt trip over once! - Kate

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