REVIEW: Eminem Concert In Melbourne -- The Real Slim Shady Really Impressed!


02 December 2011

It's been over 10 years since Eminem last performed in Melbourne. To celebrate his amazing return - he sold out a stadium in thirty minutes, and brought hip hop heavy weights Hilltop Hoods and Lil Wayne to support him.

I wasn't really sure where Etihad stadium was before the gig, but managed to navigate there by following the steady stream of wife beaters, tribal tattoos and do-rags. Yes. These punters meant business. We saw two fights even before Eminem took the stage, and not surprisingly the police were out in full force amongst the crowd to keep an eye on things.

The support acts were really top-class --Lil' Wayne appeared with a skateboard half pipe on stage, and took time in between songs to turn some tricks -- but there was no doubt that the crowd was there to witness the magic of Marshall Mathers.

Eminem launched straight into some tracks from his latest album 'Recovery' (which is also the name of this tour) and the crowd made their enthusiasm felt by screaming the house down. One fan in particular was so excited they poured their Bourbon and coke down on me from the upper balcony, which just added to the palpable atmosphere!

We all know that superstars like Eminem will find it hard to fit every hit they've ever created into one concert, but from my perspective that's pretty much what he did with the help of our very good friend -- the medley.

He kicked off with 'Lighters' which originally featured Bruno Mars. After the smokers of the stadium lit up the venue with a 'sky full of lighters' Eminem launched into every song we wanted to hear, including 'Stan' 'My Name Is' and 'The Real Slim Shady.'

To the delight of the ladies he even dedicated a song to the females in the venue yelling 'scream if you've ever had a dysfunctional relationship!' before kicking into 'Love The Way You Lie,' a song about domestic violence. Not really sure if the girls should have felt chuffed about that one...

Eminem ended the night with an encore of 'Lose Yourself' which riled the 65,000 person crowd into an absolute frenzy.

Marshall Mathers was amazing to watch -- the ultimate professional and someone who really interacted with the crowd. After being in the business for so many years he isn't slowing down at all, and despite having given up his partying ways hasn't lost his edge or become bland- which unfortunately sometimes happens to newly sober superstars!

If this was anything to go by, the rest of Eminem's Recovery tour is going to rehabilitate hip-hop and rap fans around the country.


1. Won't Back Down
2. 3am
3. Square Dance
4. W.T.P
5. Kill You
6. No Love
7. So Bad
8. Cleanin' Out My Closet
9. The Way I Am
10. Fast Lane (with Royce da 5'9")
11. Lighters (with Royce da 5'9")
12. Airplanes, Part II
13. Stan
14. Sing For The Moment
15. Like Toy Soldiers
16. Forever
17. Space Bound
18. 'Till I Collapse
19. Cinderella Man
20. Love The Way You Lie
21. I Need A Doctor
22. My Name Is / The Real Slim Shady / Without Me
23. Not Afraid
24. Lose Yourself

Rating: 9 Swear Words Out Of 10

Comments (5)

I'm a big fan of Marshall Mathers but the concert was a poor performance, he lip synced pretty much the whole concert (very badly), when he did sing his voice was very weak and he lacked energy - still a fan of his recorded work, but will never pay for another concert

Posted by Sweetly on 02 December 2011

In response to the above comment, I'd like you to consider something. How do you expect him to preform almost 30 fast passed rap songs in a row with very little time to take a break and sound 100%. further more it was not lip syncing, lip sncying is were you pretend to sing but are just moving you lips in time with the lyrics without making a sound at all. What he did is what he allways has done, in his live performances and thats just merly have a very faint recording of the song in the background, to allow the poor **** to catch is breath! I was there last night, performance was AMAZING! worth every $$ I spent in on tickets and travell. He was energetic, very interative with the crowd and made me wish the experience would never end. Highly recommend! Awesome atmosphere and let's face it, that's what it's all about!

Posted by Madddog29 on 02 December 2011

I have to completely disagree with sweetly because I went and alike maddog wished it never ended. Marshall was amazing and incredible, his energy was phenomenal and his crowd interaction was great. He kept everyone alive, he was almost always singing but of course he would have a backed track to take a breath here and there.. we wouldn't really want him passing out on stage for not breathing. He was incredible and the only regret i have is for not paying up to 600 dollars for the lose yourself zone. EMINEM was and always will be incredible.

Posted by b.spence on 02 December 2011

Eminem was probably great at the SFS but from where i was sitting and thousands of other people you couldn't hear him!! The sound quality was so poor but everyone still had a really great time talking amongst ourselves and dancing to the instrumentals!

Posted by jamesjarrah on 03 December 2011

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Posted by lllzzz08 on 05 December 2011

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