On August 16th of 1977, Andrew Farriss, Michael Hutchence, Tim Farriss, Jon Farriss, Garry Gary Beers and Kirk Pengilly formed as The Farriss Brothers in Sydney Australia. Twenty years later the band's line up is unchanged. This date in the band's history will also be remembered as the day Elvis Presley died.

The band moves to Perth, a 3300 kilometre journey across the Australian mainland. It is in Perth they spend ten months writing, rehearsing and playing the local pubs and mining towns of Western Australia.

The Farriss Brothers return to Sydney and start to pick up gigs, playing six or seven nights a week in wine bars and pubs, attracting a small, local following of fans. The band created enough waves to get the attention of Gary Morris, manager of Midnight Oil at the time. The Farriss Brothers were put on tour with Midnight Oil, and played Sydney for the next few months.

The band decided to drop Gary Morris and the regular income that came with touring with Midnight Oil. It was at this point that Chris Murphy and the band came together. Chris Murphy signed The Farriss Brothers to the top indie label Deluxe and his new MMA management company. The band changed their name to INXS and made their live debut on September 1st at the Oceanview Hotel in Toukley, New South Wales.

14th May INXS' first single is released in Australia titled Simple Simon. The B-side to this single was We Are The Vegetables. Released by the Deluxe label it was also released in France.

On the 13th October the debut album for INXS is released. Self titled, the album lifts the band's second single Just Keep Walking in the same month. The single reaches a credible number 38 on the national charts. INXS begin an extensive tour of Australia's east coast, playing Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, often seven nights a week

Selective touring begins across Australia with the band playing some 300 shows altogether. . .The Fear and Loathing Tour, The Campus Tour, Stay Young Tour
March 6th The Loved One, third single for INXS is released in Australia. Reaching number 18 nationally, the single gains much needed airplay for the band.

October 19th INXS' second album is released. Titled Underneath The Colours, and produced by Richard Clapton, the album is described as "lyrical, thoughtful and sometimes fiery". The album reaches number 15 on the national charts and produces the band's next single, Stay Young, released a month prior, in September. Stay Young reaches number 21 in November of 1981.

In January INXS tour New Zealand for the first time. A second single from Underneath The Colours is released. Night of Rebellion is released as a non-picture sleeve 7", and is the last for INXS under the Deluxe label.

Upon returning to Australia, the band records The One Thing, produced by Mark Opitz.

On April 21st Kirk Pengilly, Michael Hutchence and Andrew Farriss leave Australia and travel to New York, Los Angeles and London to write and look at producers.

On June 15th INXS begin recording of Shabooh Shoobah at Paradise Studios.

In July, INXS are signed to WEA records. The One Thing is released and reaches number 14 on the national charts.

'Shabooh Shoobah' is released in Australia in October 1982. It becomes the band's third gold album in succession and reaches number 14 nationally. INXS embark on the Una Brilliante Banda De Musica Amenizara Espectaculo tour, covering 78 dates across Australia. At the same time the band's second single, 'Don't Change', is released.

In January INXS are signed by Atlantic Records, through ATCO for America and Canada. The One Thing, the band's first US single is released and goes top 30 on the Billboard charts. The single also gains a high rotation spot on MTV.
February 1983 brings the release of Shabooh Shoobah in the US.

March brings the band's first full US tour. The band tours with Adam Ant and receives excellent reviews. Record Rock 'n Roll Tonite is the group's first live US video taping. A third single from the album, To Look At You, is released in Australia.

September, and in the last three days of their US tour INXS meet with Nile Rogers. Original Sin is recorded at the New York Power Station, with Daryl Hall on backing vocals. The band flies to England to start recording of The Swing at The Manor Studios.

In December, the album is completed at both Rhinoceros Studios and Paradise Studios in Australia. Original Sin is released as the first single from the album.

In January Original Sin becomes the band's first number one on the Australian charts. INXS commence what is to be a sellout tour, supported by Sandii And The Sunsetz.

February and INXS commence their first full world tour. The band flies to Paris, and plays their first European show in Dusseldorf, Germany. Back in Australia, 'The Swing' is released and debuts at number one. In May, 'The Swing' is released in America. INXS play their first London show on the 26th at The Astoria. Back in Australia, 'I Send A Message' is released as the second single from 'The Swing', and reaches number two nationally. June - 'Original Sin' goes to number one in France. July - 'Burn For You' is released in Australia. The single is the third in succession to hit top 5 in Australia and reaches number 3 nationally. A three month tour of the US finishes with a sold out show at the Hollywood Paladium on September 1st. INXS then travel to Guam and play two shows on the 7th and 8th of September. They are the first international band to play in that country. By December, Original Sin hits number one in Argentina.
'Dancing On The Jetty', the fourth single from 'The Swing', is released in December.

In March INXS return to the studio for the recording of Listen Like Thieves at Sydney's Rhinoceros Studios with producer Chris Thomas. The same month, Dekadance is released in Australia to commemorate a year on the charts for 'The Swing'.

May, and the band wins seven major awards at the annual Countdown Music and Video Awards.

On July 12th, INXS perform a concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre for Live Aid for Africa. The performance is beamed around the world.

In August, recording of 'Listen Like Thieves' is completed at Air Studios in London. The band begins their world tour with dates in Australia. The album is released on 14th October and spends 81 weeks on the Australian charts. In the same month the first single 'This Time', is released. The single reaches number 19 on the national charts. INXS tours South America.

On November 5th, the band return for the Rockin' The Royals charity concert in the presence of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The concert is in Melbourne and is recorded for later release as a long form video.

'What You Need', the second single from 'Listen Like Thieves', is released in January. INXS plays shows in New Zealand and Europe before heading back to North America in February.

By March 'Listen Like Thieves' is certified triple platinum in Australia. In the US the album heads for platinum and 'What You Need' becomes the band's first US top 5 hit.

The band takes a break and pursues individual projects. Michael Hutchence stars in the Australian film 'Dogs In Space', directed by Richard Lowenstein. The soundtrack from the film produces a top ten single for Hutchence, 'Rooms For The Memory', written by Ollie Olsen. Andrew Farriss produces a solo single for Jenny Morris, which also goes top ten. Tim Farriss goes fishing.

In May INXS are back on the road for the successful 'If You Got It, Shake It' world tour.

June, and 'Listen Like Thieves' yields a third single, the title track 'Listen Like Thieves'. It reaches number 28 on the Australian charts. Band plays a sold out show at London's Royal Albert Hall.

In July, 'Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)' is released. It reaches top twenty in Australia and stays on the charts for 7 weeks in the US. A 45 date North American tour begins before the band return to Australia for a sold out tour titled the Si Lo Tienes Muevelo tour. Jon Farriss produces Richard Clapton's album Glory Road.

October brings INXS' second long form video, 'What You Need'. Released only in the US it comprises videos from 'Listen Like Thieves' and some never before seen footage of the guys.

Back at home, December, and INXS are in the studio. They record the single Good Times with Jimmy Barnes, which will become the main focus for the Australian Made tour. Tim Farriss is unable to be contacted due to fishing commitments.

In January INXS headline Australian Made, a tour across Australia with eight other bands which is preserved in both film and book documentaries. It is estimated that the band played before a total of over 200, 000 people.

The band then head into Rhinoceros Studios in Sydney for the recording of their 6th studio album 'KICK'. Production is led by Chris Thomas and the album is to be mixed by Bob Clearmountain at Air Studios in London later in the year.
September 16th - 'KICK' world tour commences in the US with the first show at East Lansing.

October 19th the album is released. 10 years later in October 1997 and the album is certified by RIAA in the US as passing the 6 million sales mark for the US alone.

The 'Kick' World tour continues for the rest of 1987 and most of the following year.

In January, 'KICK' is certified gold and platinum simultaneously. 'Need You Tonight' is released in the US and becomes the bands first number 1 hit. Impetus drawn from the sales of 'KICK' boosts the band's back catalogue into gold and platinum sales.

By March INXS are back in the US and play three sold out shows at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Second single, 'Devil Inside', is released and goes into the top 5 in America.

May, and the band begin their third leg of the US tour. New Sensation is released as the third single and hits number 3 in the US.

INXS head to Europe in June and the first part of July for a number of sell out shows before returning to America in August to commence their fourth leg of the tour. The first show of the fourth leg is to a sold out audience in Ottawa, Canada. 'KICK' yields a fourth single, Never Tear Us Apart. The single reaches number 7 in the US.

The final show for the US tour is performed in Honolulu on the 24th September. 'Need You Tonight' wins five MTV Video Music awards including Best Video. The band head back through Japan in October and then on to a record breaking Australian tour titled the 'Calling All Nations' tour. 'Mystify' is released as a single in the UK alone and reaches number 14 on the charts.

After fourteen months on the road, INXS take a break to pursue individual projects. Michael Hutchence records an album with Ollie Olsen titled 'Max Q', and later stars in his second film, 'Frankenstein Unbound'.

Andrew Farriss produces 'Shiver' for Australian singer Jenny Morris. The album is certified in Australia as triple platinum.
Garry Gary Beers resigns from INXS for a short time and co-produces an album with Absent Friends. Along with former Models singer Sean Kelly and Wendy Matthews, they release 'Here's Looking Up Your Address' and play a small number of live shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

By December though, the band is back and rehearsing at the Sydney Opera House. Recording starts with production led by Chris Thomas.

Recording continues at Rhinoceros Studios through January and February before the band breaks in March. Michael and Andrew write more songs and Jon does the same at home in Hong Kong. At the end of March recording is complete.
Later titled 'X', the album is due for release in September.

June - Chris Thomas and Michael Hutchence begin mixing the album in London. Andrew plays some live shows with Jenny Morris, including an opening gig for Prince in France and Germany. Tim and Kirk, back in Sydney, produce an album for the local band, Crash Politics.

In August, the first single, 'Suicide Blonde', is released worldwide. It goes into the top ten in the UK, Australia and US.

On September 21st, 'X' is released. Within seven days of release in Australia it goes platinum and eventually goes double platinum in Australia and the US. To support the album INXS begin their 'X Factor' world tour with a number of warm up dates in northern Queensland.

On November 1st, the band play their first show in Europe. Later that month, INXS play four sell out shows at the Wembley Arena. Disappear, the second single from the album is released. The year is finished with a concert at The Point Theatre in Dublin on December 17th. This is the first of many shows to be recorded during the 'X Factor' tour

In January INXS arrive in Mexico and play two concerts in front of 50,000 people. They are the first band to play there since The Doors, nearly twenty years before. The band headlines Rock In Rio to over 100,000 people and then head to Argentina.

The American leg of the 'X Factor' world tour begins with a sold out show at the famous Los Angeles Whiskey Au Go Go Club on February 1st.

Tickets for the Australian tour go on sale in March. 22,000 tickets are sold in twenty minutes in Sydney alone. 'Bitter Tears' is released as the third single from the album and reaches number 36 on the Australian charts. INXS pick up two awards at the UK BPI Awards including Best International Band. INXS return to Australia in April and the first show is played at the Perth Entertainment Centre on the 15th.

In May, research and production for 'Live Baby Live' starts at Sydney's Rhinoceros Studios. With Mark Opitz leading production, it is finished in August. 'X' yields a fourth single in June. 'By My Side' reaches number 23 on the Australian charts.

July 13th - INXS headline Summer XS at London's Wembley Stadium. In front of 72,000 fans, David Mallet captures the concert on video for later release. It will coincide the release of 'Live Baby Live'. The next day the band record 'Shining Star' in London. The 'X Factor' tour is completed with two shows in GlasgowINXS spend two days in October to record the film clip for 'Shining Star'. It is filmed at Sydney's Phonecian Club and is directed by David Mallet. The single is released on the 21st and spends eight weeks on the chart reaching number 21.

November 11th - 'Live Baby Live' is released worldwide. The album climbs into the top ten in the UK alone.

The band took a few months off before returning to the studios in February. On 28th March, INXS headlined the Concert For Life at Centennial Park, Sydney. 72,000 people attended to witness the cream of Australian talent. The concert also raised over $600,000 dollars for the St Vincent's Hospital. It would be the first time that the band would perform live, songs from the forthcoming album 'Welcome To Wherever You Are'.

The band returns briefly to the studios where recording is finished. Once again, Mark Opitz headed production with Bob Clearmountain mixing.

In June the band headed to London where the videos for the album were shot. July sees the first single 'Heaven Sent' released. It reaches number 14 on the Australian charts.
August 3rd and 'Welcome To Wherever You Are' is released. It debuts at number 1 in the UK and reaches number 2 in Australia, only to be beaten by the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack. In the US it breaks into the top 20. The album features talent like Deni Hines and the Australian Concert Orchestra, and has sold over two million copies worldwide. The album was released with three different covers for each format. 'Baby Don't Cry' and 'Taste It' are released as singles prior to Christmas, both reaching into the Australian top 40.

In November, the band wins two Australian Music Awards for Best Australian Band plus Best Video for 'Baby Don't Cry'.
There were to be no shows in 1992, the band instead heading back into the studio in late November. The Isle of Capri would be where the band would begin recording 'Full Moon, Dirty Hearts' and by Christmas they had half the album done.

Recording is finished in late February. From there the tapes went to Los Angeles, where they were mixed by Mark Opitz and Bob Clearmountain. INXS release 'Beautiful Girl'. The single is the fourth from 'Welcome To Wherever You Are' and is used in the US for a campaign against the effects of anorexia.

The 10th of April sees the band back on the road for their Get Out of The House world tour. They play a 16 date sold out tour of Australia before heading to the US and onto the UK. Their idea of a pub tour gets them some of their best ever reviews and shows why INXS are still one of the best live bands to see. In May the band wins an award at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo, for the highest selling Australian Band.

On July 3rd INXS headline the HFS-Tival, a major alternative rock concert featuring Iggy Pop, Belly and Ned's Atomic Dustbin. It is also in July where Full Moon, Dirty Hearts is completed, ready for release.

October - The first single from the new album is released. The Gift reaches number 16 in Australia and number 11 in the UK.

'Full Moon, Dirty Hearts' is released in November. Again it provides the band with a top 5 UK album, and a second single Please (You Got That), is released in December. The video for this single is a duet with legendary Ray Charles

In January the band are back on the road to support 'Full Moon, Dirty Hearts'. The 'Dirty Honeymoon' tour sees INXS pick up where they left off with a sold out tour of Australia, the US and UK.

Later in the year, the band release their Greatest Hits CD. The album comes with a bonus disc titled All Juiced Up and features nine remixes of some classic songs including 'Devil Inside' and 'Taste It'.

After a lengthy break the band return in April for rehearsals in London. Later that month INXS head to Vancouver where recording of the new album, later titled Elegantly Wasted, begins. Production is to be led by Bruce Fairbairn.

July, Michael and Andrew head to Spain where some work is done to complete the new album. Tim releases 'Deep Inside Tim Farriss', a CD sampler that was produced is his Sydney studio.

On July 22nd, Michael Hutchence's' first child is born and named Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence.

On the 30th September, INXS perform for the first time since 1994 at the Australian ARIA Awards. Searching is played live and received well by all in attendance.

On 29th January INXS perform a secret gig at the ABC studios in Sydney. In front of 100 guests from the entertainment industry, they perform the new material from
'Elegantly Wasted', combined with some of their great hits of the past.

March and the first single, 'Elegantly Wasted', is released worldwide. It debuts in the top twenty in both the UK and Australia, and is placed on high rotation in radio stations around the world.

April 4th - World premiere of the new album is held at Brussels. An exclusive concert is performed along with a press conference. The album is released in Australia and the UK on April 8th and April 15th in the US. In Australia, 'Elegantly Wasted' is released with a six track bonus disc from a concert in Aspen, Colorado.

Later in April the band head to the US for four warm up shows and to shoot the video for the second single, 'Everything'. It is shot at the Ren-Mar studios in Hollywood.

May 19th - 'Everything' is released in the UK. At the same time INXS are warming up for their world tour in support of the album. In South Africa the single 'Elegantly Wasted' hits the number 1 spot in the country.

29th May - INXS play the first show of the 'Elegantly Wasted' world tour in Capetown, South Africa. The band play a further four shows before heading to Europe then to North America. The band opens their US tour with a sold out show at the LA Greek Theatre.

In June, 'Don't Lose Your Head' is included in the hit movie 'Face Off' starring Nicholas Cage and John Travolta.

The video for 'Searching' is shot in San Francisco mid July; the single set for release in early 1998 in Australia.

August 16th - INXS celebrate their 20th anniversary and Tim Farriss celebrates his 40th birthday in Sydney. The band is on a short break from their North American tour and returns on the 22nd August to play in Chicago. '

September sees the end of the US leg of the world tour. 'Don't Lose Your Head' is released in Australia and the US. The band return to Australia for a short break before they were to commence their Australian 'Lose Your Head' tour.

On November 22nd Michael Hutchence is found hanged in his hotel room in Sydney.

27th November - A service is held for Michael Hutchence at the St Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney and he is later cremated at Rookwood Cemetery.

December 15th - A one off interview with George Negus is released to the media world wide. Filmed a few days prior at one of the Farriss brothers' homes, the band explain the loss of a friend and their future together. The band will be taking a long break before deciding their next step.

March 28th - Garry Gary Beers plays at the Marc Hunter tribute concert at Selina's in Sydney along with other Australian artists. Jon Farriss was asked to play but declined.

In November, the band finishes recording and remixing of new, unreleased material at Studio 301 in Sydney. The album expected late in 1999. Most of the new songs are tracks from the 'Elegantly Wasted' and 'Full Moon, Dirty Hearts' sessions.

Tim Farriss writes and composes the new theme song for the National Basketball League in Australia.

November 22nd sees hundreds of fans attend a memorial service at the Northern Suburbs Crematorium. A party was held afterwards at Sydney's Hard Rock Cafe with people from all around the world in attendance. The band organised a toast to Michael for everyone who was there.

On November 28th, INXS played at the Mushroom 25 year Concert with Jimmy Barnes fronting for two songs, The Loved One and Good Times. Jimmy Barnes described the incident as "good therapy" for the band. INXS nearly opted out at the last minute, before going on stage.

June 12th - INXS headline the opening of Stadium Australia, in Sydney. With Terence Trent D'arby as guest vocalist, the band play four songs, 'New Sensation', 'Kick', 'Never Tear Us Apart' and 'What You Need'. It was hard for the guys to play the fourth song, and everyone backstage, including the road crew were in tears

The year 2000 saw Jon Stevens begin his association with INXS. A long time fan of their music, he was now singing with the band, instead of along with their records! And after sporadic live shows as INXS's guest vocalist, followed by tours of the US, South America and Europe, Jon Stevens was officially announced as INXS's "seventh member" in October 2002.

In 2005 INXS embarked on a quest to find an all new frontman. The competition titled 'Rockstar: INXS' was broadcast across the world and winner was 31 year old J.D. Fortune who instantly became the newest member of the band. The band released the album 'Switch'.

INXS are currently writing material for their next studio album...


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