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29 September 2011

This week Chris Martin from Coldplay blew us all away by singing his version of 'Everybody Hurts,' during a show in Atlanta, as his way of paying tribute to R.E.M who announced recently that they've split up.

This month at Take 40 we are also paying respect to the great artists of our time by celebrating 30 days of music and entertainment!

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We also thought what better way to do this than by having a look at other artists who have paid tribute to some of their favourite musicians through singing one of their songs?

And so it began, our list of "Most Popular Cover Songs Of All Time."

Who are your picks for the list? Here are ours!

'Stronger,' by Kanye West (Originally by Daft Punk)

'Stronger,' is a song by American hip hop artist Kanye West, released as the second single from his third studio album Graduation.The song's core vocal sample "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" is that of French house duo Daft Punk, who received songwriting credit and had their costumes appear in its accompanying music video. Although this is not a traditional 'cover song,' it is still Kanye putting a whole new spin on an classic Daft Punk track. Watch the video below!

Did you know Kanye West has just been announced for Big Day Out 2012? See the full BDO '12 lineup here!

'Valerie,' by Amy Winehouse (Originally by The Zutons)

English musicians Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse covered 'Valerie,' for Ronson's second studio album, Version in 2007 and it was a raging success. Originally the track was brought out by English indie rockers The Zutons from the band's second studio album, Tired of Hanging Around (2006). Bruno Mars also paid tribute to the late Amy Winehouse by singing 'Valerie,' at the MTV VMAs this year. Watch Amy's version below!

'Higher Ground,' by Red Hot Chili Peppers (Originally by Stevie Wonder)

The Red Hot Chili Peppers released a cover as the second single from their fourth studio album Mother's Milk in 1989. Their version earned an MTV Video Award nomination that year. Originally this track was a funk song written by the iconic soul singer Stevie Wonder and first appeared on his 1973 album Innervisions. Watch the video of this amazing cover performed by the RHCPs live from Woodstock in 1994!

'How to Love,' by Justin Bieber (Originally by Lil Wayne)

It was only yesterday that the Biebster released his acoustic cover of Lil Wayne's 'How To Love.' With Bieber's epic fan following this one could definitely fight it out with the greats for the battle of "Most Popular Cover."

'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' by Miley Cyrus (Originally by Nirvana)

This was a bit of an unexpected choice by our favourite pop tart Miley Cyrus but it certainly has gotten a lot of attention! This track was Nirvana's first and biggest hit, and can be found on their album Nevermind which turned 20 years old just the other day and was re-released! Watch Miley's version below!

'Baby,' by Taylor Swift (Originally by Justin Bieber)

Taylor Swift sent fans into a frenzy when she covered this Justin Bieber song, and even invited him on stage to sing it at one of her concerts earlier this year! This track was the lead single for Bieber's debut album "My World 2.0."

'Come Together,' by Michael Jackson (Originally by the Beatles)

Michael Jackson actually owned the rights to this song, and covered 'Come Together,' for the concert portion of the film Michael Jackson: Moonwalker(1987). Originally this is a song by The Beatles written by John Lennon and is the opening track on The Beatles' September 1969 album Abbey Road. Watch the unbelievable music video below!

'Sex On Fire,' by Beyonce (Originally by Kings of Leon)

Sex On Fire is the first single to be taken from Kings of Leon's fourth studio album Only by the Night and as of September 2009, the second most-downloaded digital single ever in the United Kingdom. Earlier this year Beyonce closed out Glastonbury with this fantastic cover! Watch that video below! Beyonce's all-lady band gives the rocker some extra oomph, but the real difference is in the soaring vocal, which takes the Kings' melody and amps up the melodrama infinitely!

Who else would you add to your list for most popular cover songs? Tell us your suggestions!

Did you know Take 40 actually invites artists to cover other people's songs by taking part in our My Take segment? Check out some of the amazing cover songs that have been created in our studio right here!!

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