Infernal Biography


The Danish duo Infernal is without comparison Denmark's no. 1 dance/pop band abroad. Their major hit "From Paris to Berlin", the title track from the bands third album, has conquered the number one position on the Danish club charts and placed Infernal on the world map. Infernal has been signed and has been released in 32 countries and The United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland and Australia are just some of the territories releasing "From Paris to Berlin".

In Scandinavia things are really happening for hit band Infernal. "From Paris to Berlin" is the only song released by a Danish act nominated at the Nordic Music Awards 2005 giving Infernal yet another triumph. Nordic Music Awards is the biggest music event in Scandinavia broadcasted to viewers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Nominations are based on sales figures in all three countries; however, the audience and the viewers are the ones to determine who will take home the prestigious statuettes.

"From Paris To Berlin" has hit many airplay charts in Europe and is number 15 on the highly acclaimed European airplay chart. However not only the radio stations and their listeners have discovered Infernal. The foreign press is just as impressed. Attitude Magazine UK, Bent Magazine UK, Record Of The Day / Music Week UK and Billboard USA are just some of the major music magazines doing praising features on the dynamic dance duo.

Infernal, and the story behind their third and latest album, "From Paris to Berlin", is a tour de force of musical genres, a roller coaster ride through creativity and artistic inspiration, endurance - and hard work.

Infernal has since the very beginning in 1997 been capable of producing hits that nearly all made it as number ones on the single sales chart - this including two platinum singles, two gold singles, almost double platinum on the first album, gold on the second album and several club and dance awards plus a Danish Grammy and a Danish Music Award. Infernal has performed in a vast majority of festivals in their native country, Denmark - most of them again and again.

With the launch of "From Paris to Berlin" Lina Rafn and Paw Lagermann who are Infernal by nature, have proven to master the making of an album from A to Z. It has taken them three years to present this absolutely outstanding and professional piece of musical work, but there is indeed a story to it.

Already established as a club and pop/dance duo, they dealt with essential identity questions for this album. The musical direction didn't seem obvious at first strike, so they spent a lot of time brainstorming, trying to find a platform in different genres of the modern electronic music. This meant going from one extreme to another - from soft chill-out over hardcore underground club-vibes to good old-fashioned pop..And so it went on. Right up until the day, they decided to break the rules and do everything at the same time - the ultimate artistic freedom, as well as a fundamental musical challenge.

The tracks on "From Paris to Berlin" all tell a story of their own, and the risks when breaking the boundaries of musical expression proved well worth taking. During the making of the album, Infernal eventually found an expression that emphasised what the music is all about. Bass Driven Music was the word - an expression inspired from a set of headphones especially designed for - as said: "modern, bass driven music".

Infernal have as independent producers chosen to be in control of the overall product. This includes the photographic and visual images and most importantly, their live performances. What has evolved from samples of different genres has become a unique and individual expression in music.

As the band puts it themselves: "This is a declaration of love to a genre that we love in all its' shapes and forms."

Infernal was formed by Lina Rafn and Paw Lagermann, both from Copenhagen, Denmark. Lina and Paw met through mutual friends in 1991 and were both quick to discover that they had the same passion: dance music. They soon realized they were a perfect musical match and shared the same ambition. In the beginning 1997 Infernal was a reality.

An outline of hit songs and a massive support from the Danish music industry has made Infernal the longest existing Danish dance act. Unfortunately many of the other Danish dance bands are forever gone. However Lina and Paw fortunately are keeping spirits up. "From Paris to Berlin" proves them right.

The band's new album, entitled "Electric Cabaret" will be released worldwide on August 11, 2008

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