Lily Allen


Lily Allen

Pop sensation. Voice of her generation. Fashion designer. Political activist. Mouthy blogshite. X-rated sexpert. Fall-down drunk. WAG-tagoniser. Queen of MySpace. Exhibitionist. Primadonna. Style icon. Celebrity girlfriend. Celebrity daughter. Celebrity sister. Paparazzi prey. Party starter. Princess.

Lily Allen has been called all these things, and much, much more - sometimes with justification, often without. She's posh, she's common, she's sexy, she's demure, she's reticent, she's outspoken, she's sensitive, she's shameless, she's loved-up, she's distraught, often all in the same evening. Then she goes to bed, gets up and has breakfast. Then she posts her breakfast on the...

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Lily Allen Agrees Her New Album Sheezus Is 'Rubbish'

14 March 2014 0 comments

Lily Allen has revealed she agrees with the critics who think her new album is ‘docile pop rubbish.’...

Lily Allen Worried That Kanye West Is Angry At Her Over Sheezus Album Title!

03 March 2014 0 comments

Lily Allen has revealed that she is a little worried about Kanye West calling her out on the title...

Lily Allen 'Gives A Nod' To Kanye With New Album Title - Find Out What It Is Here!

22 February 2014 0 comments

Lily Allen is praised for always pushing the boundraies - but is she about to try and push Kanye?...

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