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Wes Carr

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At 25 years of age, the easily confident Wes brings a huge 10 years experience to the Final 12 -- that's right, this talented singer/ songwriter started gigging in Sydney when he was just 15. "Dad used to come with me, as my legal guardian," Wes recalls. "I could play, as long as I didn't drink, of course."

Growing up in the small country town of Gawler, near the Barossa Valley in South Australia, Wes spent a lot of his childhood in his own head, a self-described loner with a big imagination who had trouble focusing at school; "Music was all I ever wanted to do."

He took classes five nights a week at the Johnny Young Talent School, but eventually left Adelaide to live with his Dad in Sydney. Here Wes began his DIY education of the music industry, swapping time at school for time on the bar stool, performing and meeting other musicians. His first big gig was supporting acclaimed indie band Leonardo's Bride, for their last ever gig at the famous jazz venue The Basement. His collaborations with well-known artists didn't end there. "I played with Missy before she was Missy and Lior before he was Lior," he says, also listing Paul Mac, Andrew Farris (INXS) and Don Walker (Cold Chisel).

At the end of 2005 he finished touring with Tambalane, a collaboration with Silverchair's drummer Ben Gilles, and spent time in LA, working with the musical director for Joe Cocker, before returning to Australia to continue writing and performing. Now living in Bondi with his actress girlfriend, Charlotte Gregg ("my idol"), Wes continues to perfect his emotionally resonant folk/ rock repertoire, gigging three nights a week around town.

Describing himself as eccentric, lovable and playful, his two favourite performers sum up the mix of his unique personality: Michael Jackson and John Lennon.

Wes sees 2008 as a personal turning point, where his commitment to honesty in himself and as a performer has opened more doors for him than ever before. "My motto is truth, integrity and honour," he states. "It's working out well."

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