POLL: Best Artist Of 2011 - Fans Decide!


22 December 2011

The time has come again for our Annual fan poll -- your chance to vote for who you think is the best artist of 2011 on take40.com!

Let's be clear here. This isn't about music releases, or record sales for 2011, or even Take 40's opinion! This is a pure fan based poll and it's up to you to make sure your favourite musical artist becomes Take 40's #1 this year.

Check out the best albums of 2011 here!

Our nomination candidates have been taken from our website statistics over the last 12 months.

We've included all the artists that you guys consistently search for, listen to and ask us about!

The artists with the biggest, most vocal fan bases on Take 40 are who we've included. Now it's up to you to decide the rest. You are welcome to vote multiple times.

Voting closes next Wednesday 28th at 5pm Eastern Standard time. Take 40's Best Artist of 2011 will be announced on Thursday 29th.


Vanessa Amorosi

You might think Vanessa Amorosi has had a quiet year musically, but her fans would know better.
She released a single 'Gossip' which was hugely popular, and even won our midyear 'Best Female Artist' poll with a staggering 100,000 votes. She's always been awesome, but how will she handle against the international competition?

Watch Vanessa's video for 'Gossip' here!

Justin Bieber

17 year old Justin Bieber has spent 40 weeks this year being one of the highest searched artists on take40.com. This teen has some serious star power and has tweens (his Beliebers) around the world fangirling 24/7!

Watch our Justin Bieber Christmas video playlist here!

Altiyan Childs

Altiyan Childs has a fan base of huge proportion on Take 40. These guys mean business, and are some of the most passionate fans we've come across! Altiyan has had a whirlwind 12 months, releasing a new video and even winning an ARIA award with the Best Selling Album of this year. Can his fans get him over the line in our poll?

Watch our latest interview with Altiyan here!

Lady Gaga

How could we do a popularity poll without including Lady Gaga? This superstar and her legion of Little Monsters have absolutely taken take40.com by storm this year! Lady Gaga released an album this year, performed at Monster Hall in Sydney, and we even organised for some of her fans to meet her! Fans love LG for her music, performances, personality and fashion among other things. We know Gaga is popular (we love her too) but is she big enough to be Take 40's #1?

Watch Lady Gaga perform at Monster Hall in Sydney here!


These cheeky fellas are always so much fun, and have been to Australia twice this year! Their second album Sorry For Party Rocking has spawned 3 singles on the Take 40 chart, and all they've all pretty much stayed in since their release! Do you think they deserve to be the Take 40 best artist?

Watch LMFAO's recent Live Lounge performance here!

Miley Cyrus

Every story we write about Miley goes straight into the 'most read' for the week. People can never get enough of this teen star!

Watch Miley Cyrus music videos!

One Direction

If you haven't heard of One Direction by now, where have you been? These five lads are from the UK have been dominating worldwide Twitter trends over the past few months. Every time we ask our Facebook followers a question about 1D, our page gets completely overwhelmed. Do not underestimate these guys to take out best artist, their Directioners are serious!

Watch Miley Cyrus music videos!

Reece Mastin

Reece Mastin might have only just accrued his fan base over the last few months prior to winning The X-factor, but it doesn't mean he's lagging behind in the popularity stakes. This teen has just launched a new single and album, and is just so hot right now.

Watch Reece's new music video 'Good Night' here!


Ricki-Lee is always such a pleasure to have in at Take 40 HQ, we can totally understand why her fans support and stand by her. She's a super stunner, and has just released a brand new music video 'Raining Diamonds'!

Watch Raining Diamonds here!


Riri feels like a household name these days... Can you believe she's only 23? Rihanna epitomises the idea of being a music superstar. She's constantly on the go, constantly touring, and just released a brand new album. Can 'busiest' star translate to 'best artist' on Take 40? We'll find out!

Watch Rihanna's latest music video 'We Found Love' below!

Guy Sebastian

If there was an award for 'nicest guy' in 2011 then Guy would win it. Unfortunately for him, we don't have that category. Guy has been all over Aussie television this year as a mentor and judge on The X-Factor and released a brand new single 'Don't Worry Be Happy.' He's always top quality!

Watch Guy Sebastian's latest music video 'Don't Worry Be Happy'!

Taylor Swift

We are only just beginning to realise how many fans this super cute singer is collecting around the globe. Her good looks, gorgeous personality and stunning sense of humour makes her one of our favourites... but could she be yours too?

Watch Taylor Swift's new music video 'Ours' here!

Comments (4)

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Posted by hdrmwfz20112 on 23 December 2011

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Posted by hdrmwfz20112 on 23 December 2011

Same old crap,different day, its a shame that someone who really deserved to win the poll would of won, But like usual the very very psychotic Altiyan Childs fans ruin things for others yet once again sad

Posted by The Music Fan on 28 December 2011

Megan Humphreys Altiyan Childs 57.05% (114,276 votes) @ 4.30 QLD time!!! FWUUUUUUUUUUT FWUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! http://www.take40.com/news/28032/poll:-best-artist-of-2011---fans-decide www.take40 Debra Utting closes 5pm east time...? 4 hours ago · 1.K-treena Hegedus yay! im going home to vote some more 4 hours ago · 1.Lynne Campbell Seems to me they must still be on Christmas hols and have forgotten to turn the voting off. Will be interesting to see which figures they use for the results. 4 hours ago.Janet Stephen ?9 cheers! We knew he wouldd just romp on it. As some one said good that it was really between 2 Aussie artiists, but thrilled it was Alti who 4 hours ago · 2.Janet Stephen won. See I am so excited I pressed the wrong key. Anyone with any knowledge of next cd, I am waiting with bated breath. Alti, please come back to Queensland.......... 4 hours ago · 1.Maggie Sapet Spoke to Mum before in Melbs Eastern Time means 6pm. 4 hours ago · 2.Debra Utting I just got the info off of the page where you vote, so you can have a look yourselves and work out if its mel or syd time...I think it said est with the daylight in it hehehe...? 4 hours ago · 2.Ros Earwicker still in the lead yipee!!!!!!!!!! GO ALTIYAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 hours ago · 1.Maureen Watkins has the voting finished yet? 4 hours ago · 1.Sonia Surija On bus going home so noticed I can still vote. Woohoo what a great result x 3 hours ago · 1.Gwen Bailey No Maureen..116,163 ? 3 hours ago · 1.

Posted by The Music Fan on 28 December 2011

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