WATCH: Harrison Craig On The Voice - Early Favourite To Win?


08 April 2013

The second season of The Voice is well under way and tonight (April 8) the show proves why so many people flock to their TV’s each night to tune in.

Harrison Craig – a 18-year-old Melbourne singer who overcame a speech impediment to perform had both the audience and all four star judges in the palm of his hands after his moving performance of Josh Groban’s Broken Vow.

Harrison revealed that he found a “release” from the stutter that he has suffered from since he could talk when he takes to the stage and sings – and in the meantime floored the likes of Ricky Martin, Delta Goodrem, Joel Madden and Seal.

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After his flawless rendition of the difficult tune – “popera” singer Harrison had the judges all fighting over him, but finally decided to go with Seal, who said he would, “fight like hell to give you what you want.”

Craig apparently chose Seal as he felt Seal's experience in overcoming personal problems and channelling them into his music fit where he wanted his musical journey to go best.

''Seal was the person I felt I could learn the most from...when he performs it's very passionate and raw and there's always a story to be told. That's something I try and bring to all of my performances as well''. reported that Harrison was originally inspired to audition for the show after last year’s inspirational story Rachael Leahcar – telling News Limited that his audition was dedicated to “anyone that's got a problem, or if you don't actually feel you can get to the place you want to go...this is a great platform to tell people 'yes, you can',''.

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Ironically Harrison found his voice through singing after his mum bought him a Ricky Martin album! Maybe just don’t tell Ricky that…

Who is your favourite performer on The Voice so far?

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