Miley's Wet T-Shirt Pics

16 July 2008

After causing controversy earlier this year by posing semi-naked in Vanity Fair magazine, new photos of Miley Cyrus have surfaced on the internet.

The photos see the 15 year old Hannah Montana star in the shower wearing a long white t-shirt and one of her baring her midriff and pouting at the camera.

The photos were apparently found by a hacker on her email account, sent by Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, whom Miley once dated!

Meanwhile Miley has told a US magazine that she's keen to star in a "younger, cleaner version of Sex And The City". "I like to think of myself as the girl that no one can get, that no one can keep in their hand." Right.


Comments (65)

she just won't stop will she

Posted by jordydiva on 16 July 2008

lol here we go again.........*sigh*

Posted by aquapepsi5678 on 16 July 2008

seriously what is wrong with that girl!? and her and Nick NEVER dated

Posted by falloutboyrox on 16 July 2008

yeh i was reading an interveiw of Joe yesterday and AGAIN HE SAID THEY NEVER DID ! neways. Joe said he hated Miley ! woooo

Posted by gerardwayluver on 16 July 2008

Eww. Who would like that pimply kid anyway. That pic is GROSS. Gahh.

Posted by iLuvPeteWentzXxX on 16 July 2008

Nup, she won't LOL. x

Posted by iLuvPeteWentzXxX on 16 July 2008

she is a little slut and the future britney spears

Posted by aarona on 16 July 2008


Posted by gerardwayluver on 16 July 2008

wat is she showing her fans who are little.....that it is ok to take pictures of your selfin the shower wereing a white t-shirt..........................she is a big slut

Posted by aarona on 16 July 2008

wat is she showing her fans who are little.....that it is ok to take pictures of your selfin the shower wereing a white t-shirt..........................she is a big slut

Posted by aarona on 16 July 2008

wat is she showing her fans who are little.....that it is ok to take pictures of your selfin the shower wereing a white t-shirt..........................she is a big slut

Posted by aarona on 16 July 2008

You don't think she's wearing any make-up? Pfft LOL.

Posted by iLuvPeteWentzXxX on 16 July 2008

naww. I feel bad for the poor girl. :( Seriously, i mean nawww. x

Posted by simmz on 16 July 2008

l0l. . . .

Posted by gerardwayluver on 16 July 2008

Yup :P x

Posted by iLuvPeteWentzXxX on 16 July 2008

lol she is a poor girl who is ganna go nuts cause of all the fam

Posted by charlee2007 on 16 July 2008

and money,all the attention

Posted by charlee2007 on 16 July 2008

i do feel sorry cause she is young and has talent but .............................. yeah

Posted by charlee2007 on 16 July 2008

spoilt brat... the nxt britney spears, lindsy lohan mayb paris hilton. to much fame at such a young age.

Posted by Vishi_25 on 16 July 2008

its a cruel world out there in the media........

Posted by Vishi_25 on 16 July 2008

isnt this already a forum? nah they didnt date SHES GAY.

Posted by hsmmm111 on 16 July 2008

Bloody hell shes a skank. y is she doin the hole "white top drenched" coz shes got no boobs. Is Miley breaking ur Achey Breaky Heart, Billy?

Posted by deez_babe on 16 July 2008

^ ^ ^ ^ pyscho . . . .

Posted by gerardwayluver on 17 July 2008

I agree

Posted by pump_da_party on 17 July 2008

She is just like lisney, britanny ,nicole and paris SHES GOTTA STOP stop miley stop. .

Posted by pump_da_party on 17 July 2008

my names not Gerard u loser x

Posted by gerardwayluver on 17 July 2008

i lyke miley but she really needs to screw her head back on. shes letting fame go to her head. shes got so many young fans who dont need to see this kind of thing. unless she wants to be the nxt britney than she needs to take a good look at herself in the mirror............and not with a camera!

Posted by jobrolover on 17 July 2008

sh'es just getting worse..

Posted by al_jtfan on 17 July 2008

dont be so rude. she was right anyway..

Posted by hsmmm111 on 17 July 2008

miley need a good smack she has lost it i hope she loses her fame and no one likes her she thinks she is all that she is so ugly with big ears lol

Posted by jasminad on 17 July 2008

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Posted by The Take 40 Team on 18 July 2008

Everyone just need to back of she is 15yrs old most have already had sex and taking a picture of your self in the shower with t-shirt on doesn't mean anything it's not like you can see anything n plus ppl shouldn't be hacking into anyone email account. So get it the 21st century and get over your self

Posted by beccles88 on 18 July 2008

thats true beccles88 but most 15yrs olds aren't rolemodels to millions of young fans. because of rolemodels like this, world in the 22nd century will have pregnant 13 year olds. and don't tell people to get over themselves, i think it is you who has to realise what society is coming to because of girls like miley cyrus. as for some of the other comments, wth miley doesn't have pimples.

Posted by bublee_angel on 20 July 2008

look.....I really like hannah montana..her singing and other stuff..but it must be sooo tough with the paparatzzi and all the media!STUFF HER STUPID FRIENDS OR WHOEVA IT WAS THAT GAVE THE PICS OF MILEYS PHONE TO THE PAPARATZZI!!!!I spose that it was wrong to have pics like this anyway..but what horrible friends she has!!! im on ur side MILEY!!!!!! but plz help ur self and stop this nonsence!!!!!

Posted by avrilstar12340 on 20 July 2008

Everyone Should Just Leave Her Alone.. Most Normal 15 Yr Olds Screw Up & The Pic Is Obviously Old I Mean Look At Her Hair! Just Bak Off I Rekon Let People Make Thier Mistakes..

Posted by Nanx-xox on 21 July 2008

so she was doing when she was even YOUNGER? x

Posted by gerardwayluver on 21 July 2008

haha yeah.. if its an OLD photo then obviously shes done then when she was younger.. x

Posted by hsmmm111 on 21 July 2008

i h8 you all whats so bloody wrong about posing naked i mean who gives **** leave her the **** alone

Posted by rockmonkey on 21 July 2008

<i>most people take pics like that even its not like she is doin a bad thing... u CAN'T see anythin! but then again she shouldnt have done the pic like this were we all are lookin at it like its dirty!!!

Posted by dontchasehimreplacehim on 21 July 2008

U can not see anything wrong with that picture So whats the problem

Posted by Tigergirl27 on 22 July 2008

U can not see anything wrong with that picture So whats the problem

Posted by Tigergirl27 on 22 July 2008

see that what i mean you cant bloody see anything ive seen pics worse then that and now days girl younger then her even take pics worse than that

Posted by rockmonkey on 23 July 2008

Miley is a good singer but this should not happen She has talent but this is wasteing it

Posted by Tigergirl27 on 20 October 2008

She is such a good person and was really cute when she first started on Hannah Montanna but now she is letting fame go to her head... maybe her Da should ban the camera??!!

Posted by floordrobe_96 on 29 October 2008

The funny thins is non of u ppl actuallt personly no miley cyrus so what gives u the right to critisise, just like high school gossip... She's 15 not an adult yet not a child. She's at the stage in her life of learning who she is, who r we to judge. The photo shows nothing plus it wasnt meant for everyone to see. Give the poor girl a break she has enough with the media always in her face.

Posted by Lisa1082 on 30 October 2008

get the hell over it ayee. shes gonna be doing worst things in the future she only 15 let the kid live. like yous have never taken a photo like that or done something that might get you called a ****. shes having fun being a teenager so leave her alone.

Posted by cfalls3 on 04 November 2008

hey ppl i like miley and she 15 let her go for now she'll learn her lesson

Posted by MileyFan1 on 04 November 2008

^^okay we understand your her Number1 fan! buhh thoughs pics wer no needed! x

Posted by 3ena1 on 04 November 2008

omg she shuch a s..t omg she should get a life

Posted by wawa1995 on 05 November 2008

She shouldnt send them over the internet :}

Posted by mpearce on 06 January 2009

milley what is wrong with u are ur crazy u will not stop if u like doing things like that

Posted by makeup on 08 January 2009

miley why are u doing this to yourself it is embracing

Posted by makeup on 08 January 2009

ok lets get this straight.... its miley in a shower wearing a white top? GET OVER IT! her friend proberly took it and posted it on her blog or something, what teenager out there can honestly say they have not taken a photo of them selves that is exposing a certain " private" part of their body? cut the girl some slack, IM ON YOUR SIDE MILEY! xoxo

Posted by cheekineeki on 08 January 2009

i wish you people would just leave the celebrities alone the press and poparazi are the main reasons celebs are over doseing and have drinking problems just get over it GOD

Posted by kittykatt104 on 17 February 2009

I like Miley, she is a really good singer but lately things have been going way to far. Wats wrong with this picture? Nothing! She needs to be left alone! She is only a teenager and as made a few mistakes but jees everyone does make mistakes!

Posted by Harry Plopper on 18 February 2009

okaye,shes NO where NEAR a **** at all. soo i dont know what yur all talking about. "ohh shes a big ****" how is that a **** are yuh people retarted.??? seriousslyy. a picturee with a wet t-shirt" whoohoooo wow woaah. BIGG ****ING DEAL. get the hell ove it and leave her a lone get a life. instead of talking about her. i think she is sooo talented shes GORGEOUS. so chill and hoppppp offff. ! grow up why dont some of yuh.

Posted by marissa love on 21 February 2009


Posted by nes on 23 February 2009

i soooo agree with a marissa love some people are just perthetic who hasnt been wearing a whit t-shirt thats been went lol **** happens

Posted by nes on 23 February 2009

Miley cant help but **** up what she has....gotta go that extra 2 b recognised, of course she's a ****, she wouldn't do this stuff if she wasn't! she should stick with the kiddie shows as she's only a kid herself....stop tryin 2 b a wanna b ****, you can b a **** when you get older!! Oh Billy what have you done, you did this 2 her...turned her into a dum ass **** like Brittney who should just stay home with her kids cause she ****ed her life by being a ****!!!!!!!

Posted by GINGIN72 on 24 February 2009

How is that photo '"inappropriate" and "****ty" ?

Posted by Molly1nzac on 16 March 2009

i mean yea she is a bit showey for her age but oh well its her life who cares and to the girl who said miley and nick never dated obviesly they did hello everyone knows that !

Posted by omg get over it on 25 March 2009

she didnt post that photo herself so stop bein a b**** and let her live her life GINGIN72 so there!!!!!!!! and it doesnt show anything so why do u care?

Posted by omg get over it on 25 March 2009

what is she doing that is embarrasing its a photo she is wearing clothes there is nothing inapropriate so why do people bag out young people cause they want to makle there life seem better eg makeup

Posted by omg get over it on 25 March 2009

duh - as if u cant tell its a public shower!! look at the thing on the wall!!! im more interested in the pedo that took the pics of a 15 year old girl and the pedos putting them up on the internet!!!!! GEEEEEEEEEE After the pool or beach my friends are always taking photos, not in a porno way but because it can be funny and sometimes looks dramatic - IF PARENTS ARE CONCEARNED ABOUT THEIR KIDS, STOP LOOKING AT MILEY AND LOOK ON THEIR MYSPACE PAGE - YOU WILL BE MORTIFIED!!!!!!

Posted by elleinnad on 31 March 2009

I dont think this photo is trashy and makes her a S**t. It obviously isnt taken by her, it could have been one of her friends after being at the beach and they're messing around, she isnt posing in a sexual way, shes pouting but she does that in like all of her photos. Meh, anyways, Im still not a fan of her show. But she did wear a gorgeous dress to the Oscars.

Posted by skyMETALchick on 02 April 2009

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