Jessica Mauboy Teams Up With Flo-Rida

Jessica Mauboy Teams Up With Flo-Rida

01 September 2008

Former Australian Idol finalist Jessica Mauboy has recorded a single with the help of US hip-hop star 'Flo-Rida'!

Mauboy's single will be called 'Running Back', with the video shoot to be done this week while Flo-Rida is in Australia.

Jessica could not believe her luck and said it's a dream come true for her. "I love urban music and have been a huge fan of Flo-Rida's from the moment I heard 'Low'," she said. "For him to now feature on my first single I just can't believe it! I am so excited and honoured."


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Posted by Giorgy on 01 September 2008

omgg =S

Posted by gerardwayluver on 01 September 2008

ohhmahgoshh! that`s COOL! lol ii`m listening to elavator atm :P:P LOL

Posted by DeeMa on 01 September 2008

WHAT THE HELL ? isnt she in the young divas? flo-rida what are you doing...

Posted by hsmmm111 on 01 September 2008

good on her!

Posted by jobrolover on 01 September 2008

OMFG can't wait, its been so long, supporting jess from the start.. this is just what she needs to kick off her solo career! And NO SHE LEFT THE YOUNG DIVAS thank god!!!!

Posted by daveAUST on 01 September 2008

wish her good luck.however, she still love young divas.i love elevator.

Posted by shema on 05 September 2008

Interesting but still gay she won I wanted Matt Corby to win :( Lol Oh well watevas They were both alright anywayzz

Posted by Efronlover on 05 September 2008

omg i love jeesie so much damo was a and !do!t\ i can not beleive she got a gig with him

Posted by bibsa on 05 September 2008

Yuckkkkkkkkk. That's gonna be so screwed.

Posted by iLuvPeteWentzXxX on 05 September 2008

I just heard the Running Back, and its A hot song ... Good on ya Jess, Ditch the dvias ya dont need them ya never did.

Posted by jac984 on 13 October 2008

she was gwd on idol last night' would of felt weird going bak she looks really gwd from before when she was on AI

Posted by Caitylee on 14 October 2008

Yeah i watched that. She's really good live.

Posted by Skwidgie on 14 October 2008

oh woops that's quoting (right word?) the person above it

Posted by Skwidgie on 14 October 2008

I thought the irish guy won :icon_confused:

Posted by Skwidgie on 14 October 2008

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