Rihanna Nude Photo Scandal! Naked Rihanna Pics Leaked Online

Rihanna Nude Photo Scandal! Naked Rihanna Pics Leaked Online

09 May 2009

Just days after nude photos of R&B singer Cassie leaked, Rihanna is now in the middle of a nude photo scandal of her own!

Pictures leaked online today (Saturday May 9th) claiming to be of Rihanna and most likely taken during her relationship with Chris Brown.

Rihanna nude photos leaked

One photo is a full-length shot in which Rihanna appears partially clothed taking a photograph of herself in the mirror of a large hotel bathroom. 'I love you' and 'I miss you' are written on the mirror.

The face is slightly covered by the camera however it does look like the 'Umbrella' star.

GALLERY - See the photos here!

Other photos include one appearing to be of Chris Brown wearing a pair of lace underwear on his head, and a few photos of a woman's naked bottom in the mirror reflection as well as one photo of a naked woman's torso.

There has been no confirmation as to whether these photos are really of Rihanna, however her record label Def Jam reportedly requested to one website that the photos be removed due to violation of artist rights. The letter was reported to have neither confirmed nor denied that Rihanna is the woman in the photos.

VIDEO - Watch Rihanna's Vids!

take40.com will keep you updated with the details as they come through! OMG scandal scandal!


Comments (5)

When are these stars ever gonna learn!?!?! The naked pics are of her. She may deny it all she wants, but it is her beau who give it away...the mirrors are exactly the same....I really think that Chris let these pics slip....But she could have been silly and sent them to the wrong person who in return leaked them...Either way, if Vanessa Hudgens can bounce back...so can she!!!

Posted by magee1326 on 11 May 2009

if uv got it flaunt it dnt deny em every1 luvs em if nt there jealous!!!

Posted by x7candy7x on 15 May 2009

asas sasas asasa asasass

Posted by bestzmaru on 10 July 2009

mmm... nice baby ;)) Watch Rihanna Sex Tape '09 for FREE http://rihanna-sextape.blogspot.com good quality...

Posted by exclusion on 08 October 2009


Posted by Mr.X on 16 February 2010

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