The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments - Wardrobe Malfunctions, Nipple Slips, Drunken Nights and More!

The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments - Wardrobe Malfunctions, Nipple Slips, Drunken Nights and More!

13 May 2009

In light of Britney Spears' recent tampon incident we thought it'd be a bit of fun to put together a list of our favourite, most embarrassing, most scandalous, nude and rude and just plain unsightly celebrity moments. Think boob flashes, skirts getting blown up, forgetting the words to your own songs, getting drunk and making a fool of yourself and, well, being Britney Spears!

14) Beyonce's Boob Flash
Kicking off the list is Beyonce, who gave the crowd a bit more than their money's worth at a concert in Toronto when her dress flew up and exposed her knickers and possibly her boobs! Watch the video below.

13) Britney Wearing No Underwear - About 100 Times!
We all know Britney is not a big fan of underwear, but there was a time when she just couldn't keep it in her dress! Countless paparazzi snapped Britney getting out of a car in a not-so-ladylike fashion on more than one occasion, as per the censored photo below - you're welcome.

Britney no underwear getting out of car

12) Christian Bale Cracks It
We're betting Hollywood actor Christian Bale has still not recovered from his little outburst on the set of his new movie Terminator: Salvation. Now they're saying it might affect the success of the film!


11) Miley Cyrus 'Asian' Eyes Photo Scandal
Disney's 'Hannah Montana' star Miley Cyrus is still paying for this one - a few months ago this photo leaked of Miley Cyrus and some friends pulling faces by making 'Asian' shaped eyes - which offended thousands of people around the world! One Asian organization even threatened to sue Miley for damages! Oops.

Miley Cyrus Pulling Asian Eyes

10) Axle Whitehead Getting His Tackle Out At the ARIAs
Even though drunk guys around Australia applauded the former Idol finalist for having the balls to pull this stunt off (no pun intended, hehehe... :P), Axle Whitehead is still paying for it. He was immediately dropped from his hosting gig on Ten's Video Hits despite making a public apology. Axle's career suffered only temporarily though, he's since had the hit singles I Don't Do Surprises and Anywhere and now scored a starring role on Home and Away!

Axle Whitehead Tackle Out ARIAs

9) Ashlee Simpson Busted Miming
For years poor Ashlee Simpson was known for two things - being Jessica Simpson's little sister, and being the girl who mimes. Ash was busted miming during a live television performance on Saturday Night Live when her band 'accidentally' started playing the wrong song which included the original vocal. Ash reacted by dancing like she was at a hoe-down and running off stage! Click here to watch it.

Ashlee Simpson Busted Lip Synching

8) Jessica Simpson Forgets Lyrics & Re-starts Song
Keeping with family tradition, Jessica Simpson has had many an embarrassing moment lately with several instances of forgetting lyrics to her songs, and of course her appearance on Good Morning America where she made the band start playing again! Poor Jess, we shouldn't expect someone who thinks buffalos have wings to be able to remember so many words. Bless.

7) Karl Stefanovic's Post-Logies Disaster
Channel Nine's Today Show host Karl Stefanovic earned the respect of many true-blue Aussies recently when he appeared to be still drunk on the show on the morning immediately following the 2009 Logie Awards! Karl struggled through the show, slurring his words and y'know, just laughing randomly! In a word - HILARIOUS.

6) Jennifer Hawkins Wardrobe Malfunction
Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins was blushing on both sets of cheeks after the skirt she was wearing during a fashion show came undone and fell off - leaving her bare bottom and red g-string for the world to see! Jen quickly ran off stage giggling - bless her little cotton socks.

Jennifer Hawkins Miss Universe Wardrobe Malfunction G-String

5) David Hasselhoff's Drunken Hamburger Eating Spree
The Hoff filmed by his own kids at possibly his lowest ebb - completely plastered, half naked and eating a hamburger off the floor! (Or perhaps his lowest ebb was recording a cover version of 'Jump In My Car'!?)

4) Tara Reid's Boob Flash
Aahhh Tara Reid... where to start? We're sure that if you looked up Tara Reid in the dictionary you'd find this picture. Tara must have been so out of it on this red carpet that she didn't feel a slight breeze on one boob! (Either that or all the silicone killed her sense of touch). This incident remains to this day the highlight of her career.

Tara Reid Boob Nipple Slip

3) Andrew O'Keefe's 'Chapel-Gate'
Deal Or No Deal host Andrew O'Keefe made a bit of a dill of himself after one massive night for his office Christmas party. Ending up at some ridiculous hour of the morning outside Revolver night club on Melbourne's hot spot Chapel Street, O'Keefe was videoed stumbling around and lying in the gutter. Classy.

Andrew O'Keefe Deal Or No Deal Drunk in Chapel Street Gutter

Watch the video footage below.

2) Janet Jackson's 'Nipple-Gate' Scandal
Yes - we are throwing away tradition and putting the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction in the number two spot. It's so 5 years ago - but still pretty memorable! Where do I get one of those nipple spike things anyway?!

Janet Jackson Nipplegate Nipple Slip at Super Bowl

1) Britney Spears & Her Tampon String
Oh dear. We can handle everything else, the nipples and other rude bits, the scandals and the offensive, but this one takes the cake simply because well, it's a bit taboo. We're not sure whether to feel sorry for her or laugh hysterically at this cringe-worthy moment. Nobody wants to see that Britney. Really.

Britney Spears Tampon String Hanging Out

And a last minute addition - a tie for the number one spot in fact - is Lady GaGa's own tampon string offence! Yikes.

Lady GaGa Tampon String Hanging Out


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brittney spears needs to buy some duh how more povo can u get.........EWWIES....???

Posted by lillylovaa on 01 October 2009

could be worse at least she is hygenic

Posted by WAzocaros on 22 December 2009

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