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Taylor Swift Refuses To Censor Songs About Ex-Boyfriends

3 years ago 0 comments

Taylor Swift likes to pretend no one will ever hear the songs she writes about her ex-boyfriends,...

Justin Bieber Launching Range Of Trading Cards

3 years ago 2 comments

Teen popstar Justin Bieber has launched a new range of trading cards and stickers after teaming up... Plans Tours Through Twitter

3 years ago 0 comments

Black Eyed Peas star has revealed how tech savvy he is -- he uses Twitter to gauge fan...

Is Oprah Winfrey Already In Australia?

3 years ago 1 comments

We are eagerly awaiting Oprah Winfrey's arrival in Australia for her Sydney shows, but is she...

Jake Gyllenhaal Comments On Taylor Swift Relationship!

3 years ago 7 comments

While the budding relationship between Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift has not been officially...

Nicole Scherzinger Upsets Family With Sexy Outfits

3 years ago 0 comments

Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger often worries that her grandfather will be upset by...

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