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Lady GaGa To Auction Poker Face Necklace For Charity

4 years ago 0 comments

LADY GAGA fans have been offered the chance to own a piece of pop memorabilia - a designer necklace ...

Adam Lambert To Duet With Christina?

4 years ago 0 comments

ADAM LAMBERT has set his sights on a new collaboration - he wants to record a duet with CHRISTINA...

Rob Pattinson Scared He'll Die At 30!

4 years ago 5 comments

When he's not complaining about the hassles of fame, Twilight star Rob Pattinson is paranoid about...

Nicole Richie Arrives In Sydney (Pictures)

4 years ago 0 comments

Nicole Richie has landed in Sydney this morning for a short promotional visit. Paparazzi snapped...

Miley Cyrus vs Perez Hilton Photo Scandal!

4 years ago 2 comments

The Perez Hilton v Miley Cyrus photo war continues as Perez posts a new photo on his website of...

Justin Bieber Wants A 'Confident Girlfriend'!

4 years ago 1 comments

Listen up girls -- because if you've ever dreamed of being 'Mrs. Bieber', then we've got some hot...

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