Top 10 Most Watched Music Videos Of 2010 On

Top 10 Most Watched Music Videos Of 2010 On

22 December 2010

What were's biggest music videos in 2010? The ones that our users just couldn't stop watching?

Well in 2010, users were absolutely loving Katy Perry and Rihanna, with the lovely ladies both scoring multiple entries in our top ten most watched videos.

Plus some of the new boys on the scene made it in there too, with Bruno Mars, Jason Derulo and Taio Cruz all appearing in the top ten.

But what was our most watched video? The one that you guys just couldn't get enough of? You'll have to read our list to find out.

The most watched music videos of 2010 on were:

Katy Perry Firework Video Still

10. Firework -- Katy Perry

Katy Perry released 'Firework' towards the end of the year, but it was so popular that it hit number 1 on our chart and was our 10th most watched video in 2010!

WATCH - Katy Perry's video for 'Firework'

Pink Raise Your Glass Video Still

9. Raise Your Glass -- Pink

Pink stepped back on the scene with her awesome video for 'Raise Your Glass', featuring Pink at a same sex wedding, in bed with a priest and a number of other controversial scenes.

WATCH - Pink's video for 'Raise Your Glass'

Jason Derulo In My Head Video Still

8. In My Head -- Jason Derulo

You guys just couldn't get Jason Derulo's 'In My Head' out of your heads!

WATCH - Jason Derulo's video for 'In My Head'

Bruno Mars Just The Way You Are Video Still

7. Just The Way You Are -- Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars' first big solo hit was 'Just The Way You Are', and the video for the song proved to be extremely popular amongst our users.

WATCH - Bruno Mars' video for 'Just The Way You Are'

Katy Perry California Gurls Video Still

6. California Gurls Feat. Snoop Dogg -- Katy Perry

'California Gurls' by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg has to be one of the most fun videos of the year, and users just couldn't get enough of it.

WATCH - Katy Perry's video for 'California Gurls'

Rihanna Only Girl In The World Video Still

5. Only Girl (In The World) -- Rihanna

'Only Girl (In The World)' was the first single of Rihanna's new album 'Loud'. The video featured Rihanna dancing in a number of different hot outfits, and it's still in high rotation on

WATCH - Rihanna's video for 'Only Girl (In The World)'

Katy Perry Teenage Dream Video Still

4. Teenage Dream -- Katy Perry

Katy Perry makes her third entry on the list with the 4th most watched video of the year, 'Teenage Dream'. Katy made out with a super hot guy in this video who definitely was not her husband Russell Brand!

WATCH - Katy Perry's video for 'Teenage Dream'

Eminem Love The Way You Lie Video Still

3. Love The Way You Lie Feat. Rihanna -- Eminem

Eminem and Rihanna got a little bit of help to make their video for 'Love The Way You Lie' extra awesome. Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan star in the clip as a couple in a love/hate relationship.

WATCH - Eminem and Rihanna's video for 'Love The Way You Lie'

Taio Cruz Dynamite Video Still

2. Dynamite -- Taio Cruz

Nothing makes you want to hit the dance floor quite like Taio Cruz's Dynamite, and it was the second most watched video on in 2010!

WATCH - Taio Cruz's video for 'Dynamite'

Train Hey Soul Sister Video Still

1. Hey Soul Sister -- Train

But your most watched video in 2010 was 'Hey Soul Sister' by Train. It was one of the catchiest songs of the year!

WATCH - Train's video for 'Hey Soul Sister'

Check out our most watched videos right here:

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