REVIEW: Nicki Minaj Melbourne Concert - Hisense Arena, Friday May 18th

REVIEW: Nicki Minaj Melbourne Concert - Hisense Arena, Friday May 18th

19 May 2012

On Friday night Hisense Arena was flooded by an interesting sort of crowd -- hip-hop fans, hoochie mamas and their non-hoochie mama friends. They donned ridiculously high waisted leggings (how they walked, I do not know), colourful tutus, and best of all, crazy wigs to match. But of course, their amazing clothing, or lack thereof, was for all Nicki Minaj, who put on quite a show!

As the light dimmed across the stadium, the sound of screaming fans and their heavy stomping vibrated and shook the ground beneath me. In their view stood Nicki Minaj's dancers, all cloaked in black, with the lady of the night standing upon the podium. She too was cloaked with her back facing to the crowd. The sight of her bleached-blonde weave had the fans going crazy, and even more so, when she turned around, pulled off her cloak to reveal her outrageous badonkadonk and kicked the night off with "Roman Holiday".

Her energy continued to fuel the fans as they rapped and sang along to their best ability. She had five costume changes ranging from her ballerina tutu to a stunning pink gown and finally back to another tutu, only this time in fluoro colours with bright matching tights. Her backup dancers' costumes too were quite a sight with at one point the girls wore golden two-pieces, and the lads topless with golden harem pant (stop -- hammer time?)

Check out the photos from Nicki Minaj's Melbourne concert here!

However, it was her performance of "Starships" that drove the fans completely wild. The ground shook harder, and more arms were flailing about (and blocking my view -- although, my lack of height may have something to with that). Fans were jumping up and down, and occasionally busting a move or two.

But it took an awkward turn.

In the sea of mobile phones and cameras, Nicki Minaj pulled out three fans for a little rap-off to win some cashola. And on stage stood: an awkward lad, a Zimbabwean dancer, and a girl from Brisbane. Oh yes, Brisbane, controversial indeed. But it was the Brisbanite that hushed the booing crowd with her awesome rapping of "Bottoms Up". She blew them and Nicki Minaj away. Gurl, you get that cash.

Money was given away to all three, yes, even that awkward boy, and the show continued. She performed a couple more songs, and ended with "Super Bass" which had the fan roaring with excitement, but fans had to face the unfortunate fact that it was going to end.

Nicki Minaj took a few moments thanking Melbourne for their love and support. She bowed her and there before vanishing behind the black curtains.

I turned to my friend Haylee D, who's a true Nicki Minaj fan, and asked for her opinion, and she commented that "it was ass-mazing", clearly too invested in Nicki Minaj's booty. And yes, she did say "ass-mazing"... Truly embarrassing.

But "ass-mazing" it really was. Nicki Minaj took control of the show and did one hell of a performance. Although, it would have been better if the stage hadn't been so bland, with just only a screen podium... But it was fun, ridiculous, colourful, and totally worth it.

Nicki Minaj's Melbourne show gets 8 weaves out of 10!

Review by Tran Nguyen -- Take 40 team
Photos by Len Panecki.


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