REVIEW: Guy Sebastian's New Album 'Armageddon' -- Track By Track!

REVIEW: Guy Sebastian's New Album 'Armageddon' -- Track By Track!

09 October 2012

We were lucky enough to hear Guy Sebastian’s new album ‘Amnesia’ prior to its release this Friday, and decided to do a track-by-track review!

Of the album, Guy revealed “I am thrilled to finally release Armageddon and I can’t wait for all my fans to hear the new material that I have been working so hard on. I have put a lot of heart and soul into this album and collaborated with some incredible and highly respected musicians and producers.”

“I am incredibly proud of Armageddon and excited to hear what my fans think, especially those who have shared the journey with from my first album. ”

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We are so excited for his fans to hear this album, because we know his fans will love it.

Brilliant work Guy! We know this is going to be a success, and will hopefully give you some ARIA nods this time next year.

1. Amnesia
This is a fantastic power ballad to kick off Guy’s new album. He’s incorporated an orchestral accompaniment with his signature amazing vocal sound.
2. Beg
This starts off as a more acoustic number, and breaks into a rousing percussion driven chorus about a minute in. It sounds like a break up song to us!
3. Battle Scars
You already know this song, and love it, judging by its chart succes! Watch the video here!
4. Gold
This uplifting Motown track came out a few months ago and features the vocals of ‘The Voice’ finalist Carmen Smith. Check out the video!
5. Get Along
Get Along is a stripped back song, allowing us to hear Guy’s vocals with minimal accompaniment. It really shows his beautiful timbre of his voice, and has a very inspiring message… asking the world to just ‘Get Along’.
6. Keeper
This has an almost reggae inspired feel to it, and a very happy vibe! We think he wrote it for his wife Jules, and includes lyrics like ‘What did I do to deserve the sweet of  love it’s hard to imagine life without, so from here on in I do everything to make sure you never doubt, that’ll I’ll never ever let you go.' Awww! In a way it reminds us of ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz!
7. Don’t Worry Be Happy
This song was released at the end of last year, but the album version seems a bit rockier to us! Punchier percussion added, and a more ‘band friendly’ sound. Watch the video here!
8. Armageddon
The title track from this album is an uplifting anthem about making the most of every moment! We think this could be a brilliant single and we can’t get it out of our heads. It’s probably one of our favourite tracks on the album!
9. Big Bad World
This is a mellow number, and definitely has to be about Guy’s son Hudson. We knew he’d have to write about this special addition to his life on this album… it is a gorgeous heartfelt track.
10. Summer Love
This 6/8 timed song (for the musos playing at home) stands out rhythmically from the rest of the album, and as the title suggests is a playful song about young love.
11. Died And Gone To Heaven
This sounds like an old-school RnB ballad in some ways, and sounds like Guy Sebastian is crooning to someone he seriously loved. There are some big harmonies, and some high notes hit!
12. Used To You
This is a beautiful love song to finish the album on. Guy comes full circle and brings the orchestral sound to the foreground again. We think this could be a very popular wedding song in the new future!

Check out our latest interview with Guy below!


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