Big Brother Australia - Housemates React To Josh Moore Leaving

Big Brother Australia - Housemates React To Josh Moore Leaving

12 October 2012

Despite shutting down cameras for a day after Josh Moore left the Big Brother house, updates have now resumed, and we’ve been able to see how the housemates reacted to the shocking news.

Josh left the Big Brother Australia house yesterday, after hearing of his older brother’s tragic passing. He decided to leave the competition to support his family at this devastating time.

Housemates said farewell to their beloved Housemate and spent a pensive day resolving to honour the time they spent with him in Big Brother.

After they were informed of the shock departure yesterday, Josh met the housemates off camera to say goodbye.

The Housemates were able to chat to Josh and his family uninterrupted for an appropriate time before Josh returned to the house with them to take a final farewell tour and say goodbye to each of his friends.

“Family and friends are first and foremost,” Josh revealed, regarding his decision to leave.

All the housemates – including Delilah – led Josh around the house one last time, reminding him of his memories in the House: a last bite of some Oats A La Layla; the Shower Boys; and Ava’s singlet, which Josh collected before leaving.

Housemates sang with the smooth muso as they ushered him around the house.

They all later rallied around him for a group hug.

“You guys keep being yourselves,” Josh said before he left.

Everyone clapped and cheered as Josh exited through the portal.

Housemates then spent the day exchanging cuddles and words of support to each other. 

As reported on the Big Brother website ‘Benjamin sat with Estelle, Zoe and Angie and offered comfort. “The stuff that Josh taught us is invaluable and we will be holding it up every day,” he said. Benjamin promised to listen if they needed to talk.’

‘Sam and Layla were comforted by each other, with Sam offering to lend his ear if she needed to chat. Layla counselled the other Housemates to honour what Josh had taught them about keeping perspective during their time in the House.'

Layla insisted “Everybody really needs to take on board what Josh has said and everything that we do from now on, just think about the words that he spoke… Don’t take anything for granted.”

Angie added “He was such a big part of this House and I think he’ll just continue to be a big part of this House."

Benjamin and Michael also agreed to keep all the housemates positive, for Josh’s sake.

Everyone finished their day with a Family Dinner as a celebration of Josh’s time in the House.

If you would like to send a message of support, you can do so by emailing

Josh’s farewell will feature on Big Brother tonight.

Host Sonia Krueger also revealed will also return to the show on Sunday. Find out what she said here.
Read more about Josh’s brother Toby.


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