REVIEW: Gotye At Sidney Myer Music Bowl In Melbourne - Saturday 8th December 2012

REVIEW: Gotye At Sidney Myer Music Bowl In Melbourne - Saturday 8th December 2012

10 December 2012

Gotye really up’d the ante from his past tours. Going from playing to hundreds at The National Theatre in St Kilda, to playing to thousands at Sidney Myer Music Bowl amphitheatre.

It really was the Gotye show this time, accompanied by a ten piece band of brass, vocals, sample and percussion.

Wally De Backer aka Gotye conducted his band and looked smarter than the down and out t-shirt and jeans muso of the past. On Saturday night he came out an entertainer, and reminded me a lot of Coldplay front man Chris Martin.

PHOTO GALLERY: Check out all the snaps from the massive gig right here!

He was a very different person to that you see in interviews, and he was completely at home on that stage.

One track in and you could already see how the success of Making Mirrors has developed his live shows. Kicking off the evening was “Making Mirrors” the title track of his latest record and a sound explosion of experimental noises, heavy beats, Arabic sounding brass accompanied by manga inspired animation. The animation continued through out the night, inspired from all sorts of art, Dali to Jamie Hewlit (Gorillaz) type illustrations.

Gotye’s all male band was tight, bro’ing out on stage, clowning around, and playing the rubber chicken. Wally was joined by a Lowrey Cotillion d5 organ, Teeny Jeanie and comedian Barry Morgan for “State of the Art”. Barry Morgan brought abit of theatre to the show that may or may not have been well received.  It was great to mix it up but it felt abit overacted similar to a musical.  

Highlight of the night for me was “Dig Your Own Hole”, a track Wally worked the hardest on, however it didn’t make the record. A travesty! Amazing 80s sounding syth tune, very M83/Polica. LOVED IT.

However, the track everyone else was waiting for “Somebody That I Used To Know” Gotye joined by support Bertie Blackman was underwhelming. You couldn’t help but feel for Bertie Blackman, everyone was expecting Kimbra to join Gotye on stage and were a little disappointed.  It wasn’t the same song but she did a good job of putting her own flare to it.

Crowd highlights included “I Feel Better”,  “Eyes Wide Open” “Save Me” and a standing ovation to “Heart’s a Mess”. In his past shows, Gotye has performed entire tracks and multiple instruments on his own. He didn’t this time, and I was most looking forward to experiencing this, so I was alittle disappointed. However the night was absolutely fabulous. Good sounds, good people, good show! 8/10

Making Mirrors
The Only Way
What Do You Want?
Easy Way Out
Thank You For Your Time
Smoke and Mirrors
State Of The Art (with Barry Morgan)
Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching You
Dig Your Own Hole
Night Drive
Eyes Wide Open
Giving Me A Chance
Somebody I Used to Know (with Bertie Blackman)
Save Me
Hearts A Mess

Seven Hours With A Backseat Driver
I Feel Better
Learnalilgivinanlovin (with Barry Morgan)

Stream all of 'Making Mirrors' album below!


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