The X Factor Australia Boot Camp Recap -- Jai Waetford Forgets His Words, But Still Makes It Through!

The X Factor Australia Boot Camp Recap -- Jai Waetford Forgets His Words, But Still Makes It Through!

12 August 2013

Tonight marks the first night for the dreaded boot camp stage of The X Factor competition – with judges Dannii, RedFoo and Ronan dishing out advice left right and centre for the terrified contestants.

But as RedFoo so eloquently put it, this is the part of the competition where everyone is your enemy – so contestants you better “watch your booties”.

First up to perform an acapella piece for the judging panel is the under 25 guys – with the effervescent Georgie Bannard kicking things off with his version of Stevie Wonder’s Lately.

He is followed by boy wonder and early standout Jai Waetford – who starts off on the wrong foot by singing the incorrect lyrics to Titanium by David Guetta.

Despite the adverts indicating that this is a travesty the judges aren’t too fazed by his stuff up – more impressed with his ability to keep his composure despite his mistake.

Then it is onto the Overs with cancer survivor Rohan Herring giving a less than perfect performance of Beneath Your Beautiful after nerves get the better of him.

Another strand out performance Cat Vass unfortunately followed suit – leaving the judges unimpressed with her wobbly rendition of Frank Ocean’s Thinking Bout You.

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Dannii commented that she could barely hear Cat’s voice through her obvious nerves, adding to her fellow judges that she didn’t think that Cat would survive through the pressure of the live shows.

After initially dividing the judges over his audition Barry Southgate managed to fight through the recent grief of losing his mother figure to give an assured performance of Ocean’s Thinking Bout You.

Textralian Tyler Hudson once again impressed the judges with his power house vocal – tackling Wolfmother’s Woman.

Then it was on to the groups with The Royce Twins remarking that their acapella version of Maroon 5’s One More Night was the ‘worst’ they had ever sung together – with RedFoo calling their performance a joke.

Swedish brothers JTR once again proved how well their vocals work together with their version of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn – eliciting a “good job” from Ronan.

Out to impress with their vocal talent after wowing the judges with their energy Straight Up did just that with their unique vocal arrangement on track Every Little Step by Bobby Brown – with RedFoo calling the audition “very cool”.

Then it was on to the under 25 girls – with Riv Ngwenya confident that she can live up to her first audition with her rendition of Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.

RedFoo says that Riv “set the bar really high” for the other under 25 girls – with all three judges once again suitably impressed with her vocal talent.

Kelebek confuses Dannii when she decides to do away with the rapping and dancing in order to show off her vocal skills with her rendition of Little Mix’s Change Your Life.

Dannii questions her decision to take away her two strongest elements – leaving it unclear about whether she will be making it through to the next stage!

We then catch a little glimpse of controversial performer Hayley Sillar who seemed to have had an off day – both forgetting lyrics and singing out of key!

Reece Mastin’s sister Georgina thankfully changes the vibe in the room with her pitch perfect performance of Little Mix’s Change Your Life – quickly gaining a fan in Dannii.

Then it is down to the judges to send home their first victims!

Favourites like Jai, Georgina Mastin, Kelebek and Georgie thankfully live to see another day – while Hayley, Phoenix and Rohan are unfortunately sent home after underperforming!

Then the remaining contestants are put into groups of 10 to be put through their paces in the ensemble challenge.

Group One (which features Veanka and Tyler) fail to impress the judges with their rendition of Pink’s Just Like A Pill – with Ronan calling it “messy” and saying that the group “failed to work well together”.

The second group don’t fare any better with early favourite Georgie starting the group off on the wrong foot when he came in early – with Matt Gresham’s chances looking not so great after Ronan calls the performance a “shocker”.

With some of the strongest auditions in their group, (including Straight Up, Georgina Mastin, Joelle and Mitchell) ensemble three divide the judges with their performance of Katy Perry’s ET – with RedFoo saying he loved some parts, but wasn’t sold on others.

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Ensemble four failed to come together with rapper Christian Alexander struggling to perform U2’s Beautiful Day alongside Gemma, The Royce Twins and David McCallum. The judges felt that some singers shone better than others.

The last ensemble of the night houses some of the biggest voices in the competition with Will Perrett, Riv, Dami, Omar, Tee, Ellie and Barry taking on Next To Me.

The judges loved every minute of the performance – with Ronan saying it has “real moments of magic” adding that “in this pack right here there are some superstars”.

Who was your favourite ensemble tonight?


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