The X Factor Australia Boot Camp Recap -- Georgie Bannard Stuns With Adele!

The X Factor Australia Boot Camp Recap -- Georgie Bannard Stuns With Adele!

12 August 2013

Tonight’s episode of  The X Factor Australia kicks off where last night’s episode left off – with the rest of the ensemble groups set to take the stage to hopefully impress the judges.

First up is another super group with early favourites Jai Waetford, Taylor Henderson, JTR, Adam O’Brien, Cat Vass, Jiorden Tolli and Vendulka (to name just a few!) taking on Paolo Nutini’s Last Request.

Despite only Cat knowing the track the whole ensemble knocked it out of the park – with Jai the clear standout on the day.

The next ensemble to take to the stage includes Jordan Rodrigues, Noa, Jacinta Guilsano and Kelebek singing Telephone by Lady Gaga.

The judges were less than impressed with this ensemble with a steely faced Dannii commenting that it took too long to warm up and that there were parts that were funny when she thinks they shouldn’t have been!

The X Factor Australia Boot Camp Recap -- Jai Waetford Forgets His Words, But Still Makes It Through!

Talk quickly turns to the creation of a new boy band – after the next ensemble struggles through their performance of The Wanted’s Chasing The Sun.

After some tough deliberation from the judges it is time for some of the acts to go home – with Veanka Howard, The Royce Twins, David McCallum, Kelebek, Jacinta and Jordan all named.

However it wouldn’t be X Factor without some sort of rebirth – with some of the eliminated contestants invited back to form not one but three new groups!

The controversy of the night was Jacinta, Kelebek and Jordan finding themselves in a threesome – with both Jacinta and Kelebek not looking too happy about it!

The show then kicked onto the first performances with Georgie Bannard starting things off with a breathtaking performance of Adele’s One And Only.

He had all the judges chanting his name by the end – even getting a fist pump from Dannii!

Then it was onto the newly formed girl group performing Cascada’s Everytime We Touch – with both Dannii and Ronan digging their performance.

The boy group didn’t fare as well however with their shambled performance of Troublemaker leaving the judges with their heads in their hands.

X Factor alum Joelle performed Big Girls Don’t Cry with Ronan commenting that he was “mesmerized” by her and Dannii giving her the big tick. RedFoo however continues to remain on the fence!

Matt Gresham then gave his own unique spin on Usher’s track Burn – with the judges loving the journey he took them on and Ronan commenting that the Under 25 boys for this year is the best they have seen in 4 years!

The X Factor Audition Recap - Ofisa Toleafoa Leaves The Judges In Tears With I Am Changing!

Dami Im ends the night Dolly Parton’s Jolene – with her nerves initially tripping her up as she forgets the lyrics.

However she manages to salvage her performance by the end, with her powerhouse vocal bring RedFoo to his feet!

Who was your standout performance tonight?


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