The X Factor Australia Recap -- Jai Waetford Makes It Through As Georgina Mastin And Riv Are Sent Home

The X Factor Australia Recap -- Jai Waetford Makes It Through As Georgina Mastin And Riv Are Sent Home

20 August 2013

It is crunch time on The X Factor Australia tonight – with the top 12 finally decided ahead of next week’s live shows!

The show opens with Kelly Osbourne and mentor Ronan Keating deliberating over the under 25 boys – with the main question on their lips who has the confidence to shine in the live shows.

The Minogue sisters are nutting out the top three for the overs with Kylie saying that it “comes down to connection”. RedFoo feels confident about his top three, while Nat Bass’s decision comes down to whether she wants to invest into those groups that are already strong versus those that have serious potential.

RedFoo is first up to deliver the news with Joelle a surprise first entry into the top 12 –after a rocky start with her mentor. The next decision came down to Jiordan and Vendulka – with RedFoo taking Jiordan through and Vendulka receiving her second rejection from the show.

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The next surprise exit from the completion is Recce Mastin’s sister Georgina Mastin, followed by early favourite Riv! The last spot on RedFoo’s team goes to Ellie Lovegrove.

Tyler is the first to go from Dannii’s overs with Cat Vass another shock entry into the top 12 – after struggling to overcome self-doubt. The next surprise of the night comes as Michael Ross is sent home after a round of pitch perfect performances, with Barry Southgate taking his place in the top 12.

In a heartbreaking moment Gemma is sent home in place of last minute returnee Dami Im.

Yet another shock twist for the night sees energetic group Straight Up send home despite impressing both Guy and Nat. The next decision come down to AdiraBelle and the Girl Group – with Nat taking through what she deemed the strongest group, AdiraBelle.

The Mixed Group are the first judge-made act to make it through to the top 12 – while the last place comes down to the Boy Group and brothers JTR. In our opinion Nat makes the right decision by sending through JTR!

Omar Dean is the first boy to make it through to Ronan’s top three for the under 25 boys. The next decision comes down to two early standouts – Georgie and Mitchell. The devastation on Georgie’s face is palpable after he receives a no, with Mitchell delivered the same shattering news.

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After a tense moment with Jai, Ronan says that after much deliberation he has decided that he is ready for the pressure of the live shows despite his age. The last place goes to an emotional Taylor with the fragile Tee sent home.

Do you agree with the judges choices?

Under 25 Girls:


Jiordan Tolli

Ellie Lovegrove


Cat Vass

Barry Southgate

Dami Im




The Third Degree (Mixed Group)

Under 25 Boys:

Omar Dean

Jai Waetford



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