The X Factor Live Final - Dami Im Steals The Show With And I'm Telling You!

The X Factor Live Final - Dami Im Steals The Show With And I'm Telling You!

27 October 2013

Tonight marks the last live show for The X Factor 2013 – with Jai, Dami and Taylor battling it out to take out the top spot in the competition!

Each singer has to perform three tracks tonight – their winners single, their first audition track and a song picked by their mentors.

The show opens with the final three in a slick video clip performing Laser Light by David Guetta ft. Jessie J – before they appear onstage with a host of dramatically dressed dancers.

First to perform solo is Taylor – who initially struggles with the timing in his audition track Some Nights by fun. before regaining his composure.

The X Factor Australia Live Decider - Third D3gree Are Eliminated Over Taylor Henderson!

All the judges speak about his drastic evolution in the show, saying that he is one of the contestants that have grown the most.

Then it is on to Jai to debut his winners single Your Eyes – a ballad in the style of One Direction’s Little Things that is seriously sweet and catchy!

Nat Bass says she can already hear the track on the radio, while RedFoo added that he should get some space prepped at home for his future platinum awards!

A glamorous Dami Im then harked back to her audition song Hero by Mariah Carey – with her pitch perfect rendition making it hard to believe that she was initially rejected!

RedFoo reminisced about her incredible journey in the competition and called her a star, while Ronan told her that despite his boys being her competition he is ok with her winning.

Then it was time for Taylor Henderson to perform his winners single – the Mumford & Sons-esque love song Borrow My Heart.

A sassy Dannii said that ‘when Taylor is in his happy place, he sangs’, adding that the competition was tough tonight. RedFoo said that he felt like Taylor was a guest performer on the show, not a contestant adding that he is ‘the first country man to do the moonwalk!’

Jai follows that with his last shot song, with Ronan picking emotional love song The Only Exception by Paramore.

One of Jai’s best vocals in the comp, Nat said that he connected with the song better than he ever has on The X Factor stage, while RedFoo added that he told the story with ‘emotion and power’.

Then it was time for Dami to debut her winners single Alive – which Dannii said embodies everything that Dami is, ‘positive, quirky and effortlessly inspiring.’

Obviously heavily inspired by Katy Perry’s Roar, the track showcases Dami’s powerhouse vocal with a message about living life to its fullest.

RedFoo said that it is now his track to wake up to, while Ronan added that while she was performing he could ‘just see the bill on one of those great concerts. I can see Lady Gaga, Katy Perry; I can see Dami Im written there, all those names together because that’s how good you are Dami.’

Then it was time for One Direction to take to the stage to perform Best Song Ever to the screaming hysterical crowd. This is One Direction at their best, working the stage and the audience like absolute pros!

Highlights included Harry adding a little rock’n’roll swagger to his vocal, Liam busting out some beat boxing gold and Zayn showing off his impressive falsetto! When asked what their best song ever was, Harry replied that it was any track that makes you feel something, adding that it could be their new song Story Of My Life.

Charged with the difficult task of following on from One Direction, Jai holds his own with his audition song + original work Don’t Let Go.

Nat said that it ‘floors me that you can sing a song like that with such conviction at your age’, while RedFoo labelled him a ‘young genius’.

With Ronan predicting that it would the moment of the night, Taylor was left shattered after he forgot the lyrics to Damien Rice’s The Blower’s Daughter.

Despite the small slip up he still delivered a gorgeous performance, with Nat saying that ‘the imperfections in that song made it perfect for me’ – with Ronan telling him that he is a worthy winner of the comp.

The night ended with Dami singing her last shot song, with Dannii giving her the tall order of And I’m Telling You from Dreamgirls.

Dami absolutely steals the show with her rendition of the track, with all four judges getting up on the desk to celebrate her impeccable delivery.

The X Factor Australia Live Show - Dami Im Takes On Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball

RedFoo exclaimed that her performance was ‘the best thing I’ve ever seen’; while Ronan added that this year’s show has been his favourite in his four years as judge.

What did you think of the performances tonight?


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OMG ! Hope Dami wins ! she is amazeballs.

Posted by ilinn2 on 28 October 2013

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