Redfoo and Victoria Azarenka split

Redfoo and Victoria Azarenka split

15 June 2014

Certified Party Rocker Redfoo and tennis champion Victoria Azarenka are deciding to take a break with their relationship.

The two started dating in 2012 after bonding over their love of tennis. It seems however that busy schedules and hectic work plans have put a strain on their relationship.

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“I think that you know careers are one of the most important things to an individual” Redfoo explained when asked about the break up rumours.

“She has an amazing career and opportunity to be the next greatest women’s tennis player ever. If Serena Williams is the greatest, I think she has the talent and the work ethic to be the best!”

“I love my career and music and performing and traveling and I just think that the best environment, the best situation for love, for relationships, is when both people are retired – and that’s what I got to say.”

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With X Factor gearing up for the new season in the upcoming months, Redfoo has a lot to keep himself busy with. Not only is he heading back to the judging panel, he’s also got big plans for his next record!

Dishing on the new album and what the sounds are like, he says “I got disco on the new album. I got up tempo, down tempo, everything!”

Not unfamiliar to dominating the charts, his last effort “Let’s Get Ridiculous” rose to the top of the charts and comfortably stayed in that position for weeks.


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