Surprises galore - The X Factor continues in our recap! (14/07/14)

Surprises galore - The X Factor continues in our recap! (14/07/14)

14 July 2014

After a massive premiere night, The X Factor was back to showcase more homegrown talent. And boy, were we blown away! There's going to be some massive competition this year!

Miss our last recap?

The first contestant up for the night is 31-year-old Jason, a kickass touring musician who dreams of stepping into the spotlight as a solo artist. Jason’s already got his own posse, having two young boys at home and a supportive father.

Jason confidently stepped onto the stage, joining him was his drum pad. Jason explained that “you’ll never find me performing without drums” and continued to say he was going to perform his own rendition of Pharrell Williams’ hit ‘Happy’. The pressure was on, and the stay-at-home Dad delivered! His performance raised the vibe immediately and even got Redfoo dancing at the desk. Of course, Jason was given four easy yesses to proceed to boot camp!

Next up was Codi from Newcastle, a teenager who is dedicated to helping people. She’s already done her part for others, having written an original song that clocked up 2 million hits on YouTube and got comments such as “this song saved my life”.

Codi arrived on stage with Miley-esque hair and a blue dress and went on to perform ‘Before He Cheats’ by Carrie Underwood. The judges were impressed by her big country voice, matched with perfect facial expressions that helped tell the story. Redfoo commented she was the best of her category, and she walked away with four yesses.

Next is ex-Australian Idol 3rd place getter (he lost to Stan Walker) James, a 23-year-old that loves performing so much he’s even sung to an audience of two, consisting of a man and his dog! The country boy has spent the last five years driving around Australia in a van making his dream come alive. Ready to take the next step, he takes the stage inspired by last year’s star Taylor Henderson.

The judges were taken back by his odd song choice, Katy Perry’s pop smash ‘Roar’, but with years of experience on his back, James made it his own and won the hearts of the audience. The girls screamed and Ronan sat back almost in awe of the young singer. Four yesses and he was going to boot camp – but the question is, will he get there by van?

We then meet 18 year old rapper Serenity, a Melbourne girl who’s been rapping since she was a kid. A cocky aspiring star – she calls herself the full package and already knows she’ll make it as she has contacts in LA. A bit much at first glance.

The young wannabe star rocks an afro as she gets on stage. The judges are immediately thrown off by her attitude and are visibly concerned. Serenity starts singing ‘Va Va Voom’ by Nicki Minaj and does it just like Nicki Minaj – facial expressions and all. Rapping was smooth, but her singing was less than strong. The judges critiqued her, and we see the other side of the teenager, who says she only puts on her “personality” as a way to stay confident. Dannii gives Serenity a shot and asks her to rap an original piece, which she aces. Danni and Ronan say yes, Redfoo says no. Nat gives some strong advice before handing over a final yes.

The first group of the night was four-piece soul team Soul Cutz. The Brisbane band met in a barber shop and have been crooning away for years. The all-man group are mostly in their 30s except for one young boy in his 20s. There’s even a father-son combo in the mix!

Rocking their own ‘Soul Cutz’ shirts and hats, the men confidently got on stage and performed classic track ‘September’. Their perfect harmonies were complete with on point dance moves and a killer vibe. The judges were in awe and put them through straight away. Redfoo even sported one of the ‘Soul Cutz’ hats!

Probably the prettiest boy to hit the stage tonight was Adrien, a high school student from a very musical family. Father is a musician, and his brother produces music. Adrien gets in to trouble with his mum because he stays up late song writing and not doing homework, but that’s all he wants to do.

Adrien immediately wooed the crowd with his presence, and continued as he performed ‘Thinking Of You’ by Frank Ocean. It was a solid and incredible performance, and his years of experience really showed. The judges were in awe and sent him straight to the next round!

The next singer was a 41-year-old single mother from Cairns named Rochelle – winning combo right there. The mother of four showed the love for her four children in her package, and told that she didn’t even realise she had talent until someone pointed it out.

Rochelle hit the stage in regular mum style. The audience cringed as she said that “you’re never too old” as they anticipated a train wreck. Rochelle opted for an Aretha Franklin classic and belted it out like a pro. The audience were in shock as she smashed out the track. The judges were extremely impressed and touched, letting her know she could win the whole show. A beautiful moment.

Duo, Zina and Sonny, are siblings that have been singing for a few years. The pair have only performed together in their own home. Zina spoke about how she wants to join The X Factor for her brother, who has a substantial facial condition. He suffers from a rare disease which swells his face. It currently has no cure. Sonny said he started playing guitar to express himself, and that its helped him get through the hard times.

Before the pair even started to sing, Ronan commended Sonny on his strength. The duo performed 'True Colours' and made the judges tear up with the sincerity. It was a moment that touched the hearts of the audience, because you know the singers meant what they sung. Both Zina and Sonny got an opportunity to show off their vocals in the beautiful rendition.

The judges gave the siblings and standing ovation. A usually vocal Nat was lost for words; Redfoo called their sound "the definition of beauty". The pair were given an obvious four yesses to move to the next round.

What was your favourite moment of tonight's episode? Let us know!


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