The Top 24 revealed! The X Factor recap 30/7/14

The Top 24 revealed! The X Factor recap 30/7/14

30 July 2014

The pressures of bootcamp are ending, and now it's time to see who will get to whip out their passports and travel around the world to meet some of the biggest names in music. There's some more performances to see though and some hard decisions to make!

The show starts off with the last Nat’s Under 25 boys. 22 year old Jesse Teinaki is first up to give it his last shot into the Top 24. Unfortunately, the aspiring singer is starting to lose his voice, and Nat is very worried that his voice isn’t strong enough to last the competition. He sings ‘Hey Ho’ by The Lumineers on a guitar. His voice does sound pretty raspy, but he still manages to get all the girls to flip out in the audience. Even Ronan, who previously didn’t think Jesse was good enough, seemed to enjoy the performance.

Adrien Nookadu is next, he’s the boy who sounds like Kim Cesarion. Nat was worried Adrian could forget his lyrics, like Dami Im did last year. He performs a smooth Neyo cover that has Nat mesmerised at the desk. Redfoo describes Adrien as ‘the package’ after the hopeful leaves the stage.

Nat chose ‘Honesty’ by Billy Joel for a very worried Jal Joshua. Jal seemed to start his performance slightly shaky, but picked it up as he entered the chorus. You could feel the emotion in the lyrics from the lanky singer, who finished it off with a nice little ‘oooh’. Ronan suggested that he would be a quirky star!

Dean was next, and Nat worried that the rocker’s arrogance would get the best of him. Instead of his crazy rock performances, Dean did a mellow performance with some awesome guitar skills ending it with a spoken “look at all the stars” that got the judges on their feet!

Jaymie De Boucherville was up next, who captured Australia with his cool country sound. He talked back to the judges in the last round, and Nat told him straight up that she was worried about what the other judges thought. Nat says he’s “complex’ and worries about him going forward. He performed an acoustic of ’20 Good Reasons’ that made Nat proud. Ronan shot Jaymie down immediately, saying he was not good enough.

Tee was up next, who was having his second shot at The X Factor. Nat chose ‘Angie’ by The Rolling Stones, which was something very different for the hopeful. Nat asks Tee to open up and not hold back. Tee makes an effort to bring the emotion out in the lyrics as he belts it out. Nat lets out a slight scream as Tee powers through the performance. It gets the judges on their feet, a great result!

It’s now time to find out who has made it into the Top 24 and who is going home. The judges deliberate and it looks like the decisions have been tough and hard.

First off, we get taken back to Sydnee’s cringe-worthy stuff up last episode. Ronan confronts her about it privately to see what happens. It sounds as though Ronan has already picked his fave. Remember when Dami forgot her lyrics and then went home? YEAH.

Ronan gets nervous as his Under 25 girls hit the stage. Ronan slowly picks out Shanell, audition-favourite Marlisa, Chloe, Caitlyn and a tearful Alice. The girls left on stage shake as they hope their name is called. Ronan calls out the final girl – Sydnee. No surprises there.

Dannii is next to pick her Top 6, and is taken back by the number of people on the stage. She choses the new boy supergroup (go figure), followed by Trill (who Redfoo says will be “a lot of work”), Paris Inc, Brothers 3 and Magic Honey. The last act is the girl super group and the leftovers tear up on stage.

The Under 25 Boys are next in line. Tee, last year’s hopeful, is the first to make the cut. Next is Adrien, James Johnston, Jesse and Dean. The last lucky boy is Jamie. Ronan is pressed at Nat’s decision as the lucky ones celebrate outside.

The Over’s at the last group to find out their fate. Redfoo discusses how hard it is to choose before picking Reigan, Jason, Stephanie and Ryan. Amber and single mum Rochelle are the final choices and we have our Top 24!

Now we are off to Judges Houses, where stars like Jessica Mauboy, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, James Blunt John Legend will help decide the Top 12!

Did the judges make the right choices? Let us know what you think!


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