The Top 12 decided! The X Factor recap (05/08/14)

The Top 12 decided! The X Factor recap (05/08/14)

05 August 2014

With the live shows kicking off this Sunday (10 August) it is time for Nat Bass, Dannii, RedFoo and Ronan to name their respective top 3 – making up the shows top 12!

The show kicks off with Nat Bass and her boys, with the experienced coach calling on mega star Jennifer Lopez to help her make the all-important choice.

The first boy through is ‘heart-throb’ Adrien, with a tearful Nat sending home the experienced James. Then Nat needs to either make the risky choice of unconventional rocker Dean or the polished Jesse – with the mentor deciding to ‘live on the edge’ and throw her support behind Marilyn Manson and Ken’s love child Dean.

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Nat rounds out her top 3 with an overwhelmed Tee, who falls on his knees into Nat’s arms in an emotional moment once given the news, with the adorable Jaymie sent home in tears.

Calling it the most ‘emotional’ night of the competition, Dannii starts off on a good note by telling the ecstatic boy band that they are through to the live shows - despite Harry missing his mark in the showcases.

After blowing away guest judge James Blunt with their version of Jessie J’s Price Tag, Trill are the first of the girl groups through to Dannii’s top 3. Unfortunately that means that duo Majik Honey are going home.

Brothers 3 are the next act to be cut, with Dannii telling the group that she doesn’t see a place for them in the Australian charts.

Dannii’s final choice is between the show manufactured Girl Group or the recently formed Paris Inc - who were thrown a curve ball by their mentor with a last minute song change. Dannii decides against Paris Inc and puts her faith in the solo girls turned group to bring her a win this time!

RedFoo is up next with his Overs, kicking things off by sending Stephanie home and drummer Jason through to his top 3. Early favourite and industry veteran Reigan is up next facing off against another music industry alum Amali, with Foo deciding to send through Reigan over the self-doubting Amali.

Foo’s last decision of the night is between mum Rochelle and the broken hearted Ryan – with the mentor revealing his concern over their lack of experience in the spotlight. Eventually he goes with Rochelle, cheekily telling her, ‘Australia isn’t going to like you… they are going to love you!’

Despite a helping hand from singer/songwriter John Legend, Ronan calls his decision the ‘hardest decision I’ve ever made on 5 years of the X Factor’- but he starts things off on a positive note by sending through country girl Caitlyn.

Struggling with whether he could evolve Alice from a theatrical singer to a pop one and Chloe into a seasoned stage performer – Ronan decides to send both girls home.

After wowing the crowd and judges with her knockout audition, and then struggling to make it through boot camp – Ronan struggles with the decision about what to do with Sydnee. Unsurprisingly he decides in the end to put her through to his top 3!

For his final choice Ronan has to decide between the vocally confident but performance shy Shanell and the very young 14-year-old Marlisa. Deciding to go with his gut, Ronan tells Marlisa that she needs to get to work as his final contestant through to the live shows!

Then The X Factor announces it surprise wildcard twist, with all four judges choosing a wildcard for Australia to vote in!

Ronan puts forward Alice; Dannii the Brothers 3, Nat nominates Jesse with RedFoo giving Ryan a second chance.

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Now it is up to Australia to decide who will join the Top 12 as the wildcard choice in the live finals.

Who will you vote for?

Nat Bass’ Boys:




Dannii’s Groups:

Boy Band


Girl Group

RedFoo’s Overs:




Ronan’s Girls:








Brothers 3


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